Best Jeans for Short Women

Most women enjoy shopping for beautiful clothing. Wearing nice things can help a woman to improve her self esteem and present her best image to the world. For some women, finding certain clothes such as a great sweater or the right pair of jeans can be more of a trial and tribulation than anything. Jeans are a favorite piece of clothing for most women although often time shorter women can have a lot of trouble finding a pair that fit properly.

Women’s bodies are so different and unique that finding the right sized clothing is a common problem. There are a few tips that will be helpful to any shorter women who are on the hunt for that perfect pair of jeans.

The first step for any woman in this situation is to determine what body type she has. Height is not the only factor to be considered. There are always specific physical differences from one woman to the next. Some women are more pear-shaped with smaller torsos and larger bottom halves. Others have larger hips and thighs with a smaller rear. This is extremely important to determine because certain brands of jeans fit the body differently. Some jeans have more spandex and stretch in them, hugging tighter to the body, while others are much looser.

Different cuts will be preferable depending on the woman’s shape. Shorter women should always steer clear of extreme flare styles, as these will create the illusion of an even shorter leg and add width. Skinny jeans may be cute for taller women, but for those who are shorter they are not the best choice. They are tapered all the way down the leg and bring attention to the thighs, making the legs and rear look much larger than they actually are. In most cases a boot cut is ideal and will help to slenderize and elongate the legs.

Another important decision is which finish of jeans to choose. There are lighter and darker washes. Lighter colored jeans are not bad for casual wear, but for the most part shorter women should stick with a darker wash. This is going to help create the illusion of a slimmer, longer leg.

For shorter women, those who are 5’7” and under, there are a few brands of jeans that are worth trying. The BCBG jeans make a great choice. They are fashionable and there is a wide variety of jeans in their collection to choose from. Diesel and Citizens of Humanity also offer attractive styles that are suitable for shorter women. These stores are all available online but women should always buy their jeans in person, or at least until they know what the fit of the jeans is like. This is especially true in the cases of shorter and taller women who have more trouble getting a good fit. This way they can try the jeans on and not have to go to the hassle of sending them back if they don’t like them.

Some shorter women find that junior sized jeans fit their body the best. Particularly for women who are petite with tiny waists and legs this is usually a great option. These jeans are also much less expensive for the most part than the boutique brands. Women with longer torsos and shorter legs will get enough length with the juniors’ jeans and you can find these at any basic retail clothing stores.

Every woman should have at least a few pairs of well fitting jeans in her closet. Jeans are a staple piece of clothing for every wardrobe. They can be kept casual through the day and dressed up for nighttime. Remember, it is all about what works best for each woman. Women should never assume that just because their friend looks great in one type of jeans that they will too. There are so many different and specific factors that need to be taken into consideration to make the right choice. From the height and shape of the woman to how much money she wants to spend on her clothing, finding the right jeans can certainly be a challenge but is more than worth it in the end.


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