Best Kids’ Amusement Parks in the Midwest

Looking for the best kids amusement parks in the Midwest? With so many great kid-friendly amusement parks in the Midwest, choosing which one to go to can be a bit difficult. Check out this list to learn a bit about what some of these amusement parks have to offer for kids.

Six Flags
St. Louis, Missouri

One of the biggest names in amusement park entertainment has a park in the heart of the Midwest – St. Louis, Missouri. Six Flags St. Louis may have lots of thrill machines and wild roller coasters for older guests, there is a ton of action going on for kids and families. In fact, Six Flags St. Louis currently has 22 rides designed for kids. And when you throw in the family rides at Six Flags St. Louis and rides at the Six Flags water park in St. Louis, you have a whole day of excitement geared toward the youngest fun seekers – and their families.

Adventureland Amusement Park
Des Moines, Iowa

Adventureland Amusement Park in Des Moines, Iowa offers plenty for children and their families to enjoy. Heron Harbor is a wet zone designed just for the youngest Adventureland guests; be sure to bring swimwear. A collection of children’s rides, including Hampton Cars, Red Barons, Lady Bugs, and more are also located at Adventureland. And don’t forget the family rides! Classic family favorites like the Log Flume, Sky Ride, Tilt-a-Whirl, Carousel, Giant Wheel (Ferris Wheel) and more are waiting for a fun family-get-together day!

Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri

Worlds of Fun is a major theme park offering many things for kids to enjoy for a day. Perhaps one of the most popular things for kids to do at Worlds of Fun is spending an afternoon at Camp Snoopy. Camp Snoopy is a one-acre kids oasis where young ones can take a ride on the Woodstock Express train, fly on the Red Baron, explore Peanuts Playhouse, jump on the Snoopy Bounce, or take a ride with the family – and Peanuts characters – on Snoopy’s Camp Bus. And while at Worlds of Fun, be sure to stop by Oceans of Fun – a water park where kids can enjoy two areas specially designed for them. Water sprays, pools, slides, and more await!

San Antonio, Texas

SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas offers something for kids – and families – that is found at relatively few other amusement parks: a day of watching animals while enjoying rides and exhibits. Applauding Shamu, observing penguins walk around on ice, looking straight into the eyes of a shark, and petting an alligator are among the many things kids will enjoy at SeaWorld. SeaWorld also offers plenty of other activities for kids to enjoy besides petting and watching the sea life. Shamu’s Happy Harbor gives kids a place to romp and explore net climbs, foot bridges, slides, and more. And don’t forget to bring the kids by the Clydesdale Hamlet.

Note Regarding Park Operation Schedules

When planning your trip to an amusement park, be sure you check each parks’ operating schedules. Some amusement parks in the Midwest and other parts of the country which experience very cold weather during the late fall and winter seasons may be closed for some or all of the coldest months of the year.


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