Best Laptop College Students Can Afford

Authored by Michael Grisso in Computer Hardware
Published on 11-27-2008

It is amazing to think how things work in the college world today. What used to be backpacks full of books, notepads, and supplies have been replaced by laptops and online classes. So what is the best laptop a college student should go out and purchase? Well, it all depends on your needs not only as a student, but also just utilizing the everyday features. Hopefully the information below will help you make the right decision.

The Size

Since students end up running from one side of the campus to the other in order to make their classes on time, it is important to have the right size. While you may not be worried so much about the length or width, you definitely will want to take a look at the weight. Having a nice comfortable laptop that is light can be the difference from making it to class on time or being late. Okay, so that might be a little exaggeration but the less weight the better.

Going Refurbished

Sometimes the best laptops college students like is the refurbished versions. Granted, you may end up with a little more than you bargained for, but they are very inexpensive. In fact, there are even some places out there that charge anywhere from $99-$199. Unfortunately one of the major downfalls is the uploading time which could dwindle after time. However, these still have to be on the list of best laptops for college students.

Trying the Ultra Thin Styles

Just like Razor cell phones, some laptops are extremely thin. The good news about it is you should not be fooled by their size because they still have all the capabilities of a regular sized laptop. Then again, since they are much smaller in size, you will be able to handle more throughout the day. See, even though many courses are online for the most part, college students still have to carry books to their classes today.

Windows or Mac?

If the best laptop for college students did not have anything to do with the type of software, then the choice would probably be a lot easier. Obviously the newer innovation is purchasing a Mac due to its high capabilities and low serviceability. One thing to note though is if you are accustomed to using Windows XP, Vista or anything else then switching to a Mac may cause more problems. It will at least take longer getting used to during the semester.

The Extras

While the focus has been on simply worrying about classes, it is important to remember all the extras. Sometimes the best laptop college students want will end up being more about everything outside of schooling. The way you can download videos and music is definitely of importance. Then of course being able to transfer pictures to and from your camera to a laptop is crucial for Facebook and MySpace users.

So if you are a parent you probably do not want to hear about the last paragraph at all. Then again, you have to realize that the best laptop college students want is not always going to be about school. So if you can find something with all these benefits, they will thank you for the fun downtime throughout the school year.


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