Best Marriage Counseling Books

Before you go to a book store or online book source to buy the best marriage counseling books, there is a point which you should consider. While books may offer hope to the person or couple in a troubled marriage, they are not an adequate substitute for an in-person counselor. The most important difference is a book cannot provide the all-important feedback which you can receive from a live counselor. Depending upon your circumstances, this feedback may be essential to saving your marriage.

If you are only looking for helpful advice, a book can be useful. While there is a nearly limitless supply of these books on the market, some tips can narrow it down to the specific type of book which will meet your needs. First, the best marriage counseling books focus on both parties. This means eliminating books which prod you to blame the other person, or even tell you that it only takes one person to save a troubled marriage. Second, many marriage counseling books are of a religious nature. While this is a positive option if you share the particular belief, it will not be as helpful to the couple who does not share the religious belief. Third, if your marriage is in trouble due to specific problems, the best marriage counseling book for you is one which focuses on the problem and how to resolve it.

The Win-Win Waltz, by Susan Heitler, Ph. D., is one of the best marriage counseling books. The focus of this book is on how to come together as partners, and to resolve your problems together. It will give you important information on how to communicate effectively, and how to deal with difficult problems in the most positive manner. The goal of the Win-Win Waltz is sharing and cooperation, so that blame and fault-finding is reduced or eliminated in your relationship.

The Power of Two text and workbook, also by Dr. Susan Heitler, expands on these principles. These books are a way to make relating the foundation of a successful marriage. When these two books are combined, it can be an enriching, enlightening experience for both spouses to work on together.

The Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage, by Gary Smalley, is a Christian-based marriage book. As appreciating and understanding one’s partner goes a long way in influencing the couple’s happiness and the success of their marriage, these concepts are explained in this book.

Better communication, and the stronger marriage that accompanies it, can be learned from Reconcilable Differences, by Andrew Christensen and Neil Jacobson. This book covers all of the topics commonly found at the center of couples’ arguments. If you and your spouse experience repeated conflict over the same issues or topics again and again, this book is one of the best marriage counseling books you can buy.

If you are struggling with trying to save your marriage after an affair, Intimacy after Infidelity, by Steven D. Solomon, Ph. D., is a helpful book in this category.


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