Best Mountains to Climb in the World


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Recreation and Sports
Published on 01-15-2009

If you are looking for some ideas on where to plan your next mountain climbing expedition then you need not look far as I present to you some of the top choices of the of the best mountain climbers in the world.

Argentine Patagonia

Considered by the experts as one of the best mountains to climb in the whole world with a very rewarding view of the skyline, the Argentine Patagonia is actually a mountain range located in the edge of South America. Be warned, however, that this seemingly heavenly mountain is not for the faint hearted. The Argentine Patagonia offers a very challenging climb with 11,000 feet of spires made from granite and miles of sheer faces. Some has considered the Argentine Patagonia as one of the most difficult climbs in the whole world.

Karakoram Range

If you are not really into the tough climb but still want to enjoy the great view then why not try the beautiful mountain range of the Karakoram Range. The Karakoram Range is located in borders of China, Pakistan and India and is perfect for those beginners and veterans in mountain climbing. The word Karakom actually means “black gravel” as the glaciers of the mountain are mostly made of gravel. It is interesting to know that the Karakom Range actually has 60 peaks that are above 7,000 m or 22,960 ft that includes the world famous K2 Mountain. No wonder that the Karakom Range has been considered as one of the Greater Ranges of Asia together with the Himalayas. The Karakom Range is about 300 miles in length and aside from the polar regions, have the most glaciers to offer. The Karakom Ranges also present many other climbing alternatives with the neighboring mountains of Pamir, Hindu raj Range and Hindu Kush Range. The Karakom Range is not just a great climbing experience it is also important to many geologists as it is part of the most geologically active areas in the world.

Selkirk Mountain Range

The Selkirk Mountain Range is actually a part of a larger group of mountains called the Columbia Mountains. It is located in the boundary of Canada in British Columbia and Idaho Panhandle in the United States. Its highets peak is at 3,519 m or 11,545 ft. Granted that the Selkirk Mountain Range is not one of the highest mountains the world has to offer but the place is very beautiful and remote with a variety of animals roaming free. The Selkirk Mountain Range was named after Thomas Douglas, who was the fifth Earl of Selkirk.

Alaska Range

If you want to experience the thrill that the highest mountain in the continent can offer then you are definitely looking for the Alaska Range. The Alaska Range is 400 miles or 650 km in length and yes it has the highest mountain in North America, which is the Mount McKinley standing at 6,194 m or 20,320 ft in height. Be warned, however, that the Alaska Range acts as a barrier from the Gulf of Alaska and you may be headed for some really harsh weather.


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