Best Movies with Romantic Tension


Authored by Haliyma Barrow in Movies and Television
Published on 03-04-2011

Romantic movies usually involve a central plot that focuses on a loving relationship between two of the story’s main characters. Appealing to mostly female audiences, these movies play on emotions and are usually best sellers. Some of the most popular romance movies may end with tragedy or heartbreak, but most end with the couple living happily ever after.


Casablanca is set in Morocco during World War II and is a classic movie with a romantic storyline. The movie’s main character Rick Blaine is a cynical, but good-hearted American whose café is the meeting place for everyone. After some time, his long lost love appears with her husband, a resistance leader and Rick is consumed in a love triangle.

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed is about a girl that gets a second opportunity to right the wrongs of her high school years. She is a 25 year old editor of a newspaper and agrees to go undercover in a high school to do a report on cool kids. In order to fulfill this assignment, she must make friends with the popular kids. However, she is now an intelligent, career-minded woman who is not interested forming friendships with high school kids. A teacher catches her eye and she becomes attracted to him. Subsequently, the movie contains romantic situations that make the experience complicated for her.

Random Harvest

Based on a book by James Hilton, Random Harvest was created into a movie with many romantic overtones. It is a story about a soldier who lost his memory, escapes from hospital and ends up on the streets. He is taken home by a showgirl and they eventually get married while living in poverty. As the storyline progresses, the soldier is hit by a car and he regains his memory before the war and loses every memory thereafter, including his new marriage. The movie is filled with romantic tension as his wife takes on a fictitious identity to become his secretary and hopes they will be married again.


Summertime is about an old maid that falls in love for the first time while she visits Venice. She lacks romantic experience. This situation makes her vulnerable to the beauty of Italy and the charms of Italian men. She ends up in a relationship with a married man, but she is reluctant to let him go after finding out his marital status.

The Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County features a housewife who sends her husband and two kids to the state fair. Shortly after, she meets a mysterious, rugged, photographer that is on assignment to take pictures of Iowa’s covered bridges. She invites him back to her home and the movie transforms into torrid romantic situations that take place over a span of a few days. This is the first time she has felt passion in years and realizes that she may have fallen in love with this new man. He feels the same way and asks her to run off with him before her family returns home.

Movies with romantic tension have been largely successful over the years. Such movies appeal to a certain audience, particularly women, who thrive on these stories. They are usually called “chick flicks” because they appeal to emotions and solicit romantic feelings. The best romantic movies are the ones that end with the couple living happily ever after.


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