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Best Office Supplies of 2012 Office Supply Geek’s 2012 Editors’ Choice Awards


In 2009, 2010, and 2011 we posted our annual choice (and there are still some awesome items there) for that year’s best office supplies that we had a chance to review.  Today we are excited to  share the items we have selected as the stand out office supplies for this past year.


Pilot G-Tec-C .4mm Capped

Best Pen or Pencil – The Pilot G-Tec-C is a great pen that surprised me this year as it climbed up the ranks of the Amazon top selling pens list.  I think I was rooting for it to knock off its cousin, the ever popular Pilot G2, but it seems like it didn’t pick up enough steam to do so, but it is still an awesome pen. (Buy @ Amazon)


Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Head On

Best Fountain Pen – The Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Fountain Pen is an amazing all black fountain pen.  Not only does it look like something you would find in the pocket of James Bond or Batman, but it performs amazing well and I look forward to every chance I get to write with it.  (Buy @ Goldspot)


Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers Close Up

Best Special Purpose Writing Tool – The Sharpie Brush Tip Permanet Marker adds a bit of additional flair to the standard Sharpie marker.  With its brush style tip, you can get a wide variety in the thickness of each line you draw as the tip bends and widens with additional pressure as you write.  (Buy @ Amazon)


Lego Moleskine with Indy and Buzz

Best Notebook – Moleskine has been doing a great job with their licensing and branding efforts, and I love what they did with their introduction of the Moleskine Lego series of notebooks.  This is the first in a their line of licensed limited edition notebooks that actually plants an actual toy or any 3D element onto a notebook that you can stick other Lego parts on.  (Buy @ Amazon)


Keyboard Note Tabs with Messages

Best Desk Accessory – The Keyboard Note Tabs that I picked up from MUJI in NYC were a big hit with everyone that saw them.  These are a really creative and practical way to leave someone a quick message that they wont forget, I just wish I had picked up more when I was at the store in NYC.  (Buy @ MUJI)


The Post-it Weekly Planner

Best Organizing Tool – I almost forgot about the Post-it weekly planner until it showed up as one of the top visited reviews on the site this year.  In terms of being an inexpensive, very useful, and very flexible organizing and planning tool, you just cant beat this as an option.  (Buy @ Amazon)


Looking into the Moss Terrarium Open End

Best Green Office Supply – This is more of an desk accessory than actually office supply, but you cant beat its “green” nature, pun intended.   The Moss Terrarium inside a Recycled Wine Bottle looks awesome and does a good job of bringing some visual appeal to any desk or office setting.  (Buy @ Uncommon Goods)


Chalkboard Labels by Martha Stewart and Avery on a Ceramic Canister

Best Decorative Office Supply – Leave it to Martha Stewart, Avery, and Staples to come up with something this cool.  Their Chalk Board Labels not only function great (thanks to the sticky goodness of Avery labels) but they also look really awesome and are very unique, as I’ve never seen anything like them.  (Buy @ Staples)


Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet RFID Blocking Inside

Best Luxury Office Product – I make no excuses about the fact that I have no shame in sharing any Saddleback Leather products I get a chance to on this site because they are by far one of the highest quality products I’ve ever put my hands on.  The Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet with RFID Shielding is a bit more expensive than most other passport wallets, however you definitely get what you pay for with this, and it will probably last you forever.  (Buy @ Saddleback Leather)


Uniball Vision Elite BLX

Best New Product – It is a product that could easily have flown under the radar, but the Uniball Vision Elite BLX is more than just another variation of a great pen.  It is Uniball’s proverbial dipping their toe into the “unique” color market for pens in the US market which is something that I think we need more of.  The Vision Elite BLX take some regular colors and infuse them with a bit of black ink.  The colors that they came up with are Red/Black, Purple/Black, Green/Black, Brown/Black, and Blue/Black, which all look fantastic and unique, but are still pretty tame and suitable for business use in my opinion.  Hopefully we will see more innovation like this in the office supply world in 2013 because it seems to be a bit lacking lately, so kudos to Uniball for takin a chance on this!  (Buy @ Amazon)

Happy 2013 to all, and thanks for all of our support in 2012!

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