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Best OS for tablet PC

Tablet computers are the latest addition to the generations of computer system. Within a very short time, it has become one of the most popular gadgets in the world. More and more manufacturers are coming up with tablet pc.  Since tablet computers function in a different way than other computer systems, new operating systems have been developed to run tablet computers.  

Though there are various operating systems that can run a tablet computer, the best is certainly android. Android tablet is among the highest sellers in computer systems.  Android tablet  has much more functional value  than a personal computer. It is versatile gadget and it comes packed with advanced features.   Have a great experience in browsing the internet, reading e-books, checking and sending emails, watching movies, playing games. These devices come with a built-in Wi-Fi that greatly enhances the internet performance.  The tablet PC

supports almost all audio file formats like MP3, WMA, WAV or MPG, which is very useful for users.

The Tablet computer comes at a size which is perfect for carrying it around. It is now the most portable form of computer replacing laptops. Tablet PCs powered by the Android Operating System are the leaders of the Tablet computer market. Though there are many good Operating systems’ developed by the competitors of android, the Android OS has established and maintained a good position.

Android OS can be developed to run with different hardware compatibilities as many companies use it for their tablet computers. Also the Android OS has been linked with the total Google suite – Gmail, Skype, Google Maps etc.  Every tablet PC running on android will get the Google application family pre put in it. Also thanks to open source nature of android, Android OS produced Tablets are big in number. This is not the case with the other similar operating systems as they can be found on very limited number of devices.

When you decide to buy tablet PC, buy one that has the android tablet PC operating system in it. It brings a whole lot more than just an operating system. There are thousands of applications that will make your computing experience richer. No other OS can offer such package. Android operating system can run multiple applications simultaneously. The user can switch between them very easily according to his wish. All android applications are developed using Java.

  The list of Hardware resources includes telephony, location, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, etc. You will find features like interface, multitasking, abode flash, turn-by-turn navigation, video chat, voice commands etc. in the android tablet PC operating system.  An Android Tablet is clearly the most popular among users. Android also offers an online space called   open market where you can develop your own application publish them. You can also buy products created by someone else, if you find them useful.

The Android operating system has come out with a new version called honeycomb which has even greater functionality than the previous versions.  Buy tablet PC powered by android and enjoys the best technology and applications. 

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