Best Over the Counter Medicines for Sinus Infection


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Medicine
Published on 12-15-2009

If you have a sinus infection, you may be tempted to rush to your doctor for a prescription of antibiotics. However, while a serious sinus infection may be best cured with antibiotics, there is an additional course of action which you might like to consider. As sinus infections are often caused by other difficulties, the less you have to deal with these other problems the less risk you will have of recurring sinus infections.

The common cold and flu are difficulties which can lead to a sinus infection. You can try some of the excellent products available for these conditions. While products containing psuedoephedrine are regulated in many locations, the decongestant may be just what you need to relieve your sinus symptoms. In many regions, regulation means that these products cannot be sold to anyone who is under eighteen years of age, they may be kept behind the counter and require your signature, and there may be a limit on the number of packages you can purchase. Vicks, a long-trusted brand, makes a number of these products. Nyquil multisymptom and Dayquil are two of the best over the counter preparations.

Sudafed is another product which you should try. It is available in a special formula for sinus pain relief. In addition to pseudoephedrine, Sudafed sinus also contains ibuprofen. The decongestant and pain-reliever together can reduce your suffering when you have a sinus infection. It is also made and distributed by a well-respected health care company.

Some people report relief from using decongestant nasal sprays. These can be effective even if the person does not have a cold or flu, or if the sinus infection is a result of allergies. Vicks Sinex, and Sinol All-Natural, are two good products in this category. As with any kind of over the counter preparation, nasal sprays should be used only as directed. Otherwise, it could be harmful to your delicate nasal passages, and possibly also result in dependency on the product.

Even if one of these products work well for you, recurring sinus infections should be evaluated by your doctor. If you are prone to developing these infections on a regular basis, your doctor is best able to determine the cause and treat it appropriately. He may be able to eliminate the cause of your sinus infections, or advise you of the best course of action to take when one does occur.

While these products can be very useful for minor cases of sinus infection, a serious sinus infection should be treated by your physician. Some cues to be alert to are increased symptoms or symptoms that are not relieved by the use of these products. If the pain in your nasal region, face, or head is severe, you should see your doctor immediately. In addition, if the drainage from your nose has become an unusual color, a visit to your doctor is recommended. Even if sinus infections are a common problem for you, it is never a good idea to take unnecessary risks with your health.


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