Best Place to Have an Outdoor Wedding


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 11-13-2009

Having your wedding outside is an incredibly romantic way to spend your special day. And one of the best things about having an outdoor wedding is that the world is truly yours! There are so many great choices for holding a wedding outside that the only problem you might have is deciding where to say your “I Do’s.” Truthfully, the best place to have an outdoor wedding is whatever spot feels special and right to you. But if you know that you want an outdoor wedding and just need some great ideas on where that special place might be, here are a few ideas to kick-start some ideas of your own. Who knows? You might end up with a place that you would never think of for a wedding!

Having a wedding on the beach is one of the most popular choices for having an outdoor wedding. This is not only because the beach is an extremely romantic setting, but a setting filled with water also has a calming and serene element that can be the perfect backdrop to a very confusing and hectic day! For couples that want to do the water scene a little differently, there are plenty of other choices for having a wedding on the water without actually clomping through sand to do it!

In many cities that are close to water, yachts are available that can be rented to host your wedding. This can be a great way to hold your wedding and reception all in one location! Plus, you’ll have a unique wedding setting that is both calm and romantic. Booking a resort is also a great place to hold an outdoor wedding. These locations often have designated wedding areas equipped with things such as walkways and gazebos along the beach, but not right on the beach. This is another great way to incorporate a water theme into your outdoor wedding.

Finding a place like a public park, a botanical garden, a farm, orchard, or winery is another great way to get in touch with nature on your wedding day. When looking at these locations, consider the time of year that you are going to be getting married. Maybe there’s a local park that has the most beautiful blossoms in early June that you want to serve as a background for your wedding pictures. Or perhaps there’s a working farm nearby that will whisk you and your new bride or groom out of the ceremony afterwards. One of the greatest things about getting married surrounded by this type of nature is that it has so much to offer, and at so many different times of the year! If you’re thinking about getting married in a vineyard, be sure to do it closer to the end of summer when the vines are drooping with luscious grapes. And see if you can incorporate the wine into your menu! There’s so many ways to have fun with it!

If you want a truly creative outdoor wedding venue, try something very unique! Look at getting married at a zoo or, if you’re sports buffs, look at getting married in a major arena or baseball field. Fenway Park in Boston even has a special area reserved by the Green Monster or in the right field that is perfect for betrothed baseball fans! Another way to have a truly unique outdoor wedding is to pick a spot that’s very special to the two of you. Maybe you went on a walk during your first date. Pick a spot somewhere along the route that you think would be perfect for a wedding. Or maybe the two of you had a really great picnic somewhere during your courtship. There’s no reason that can’t be the perfect spot for your wedding!

The most important thing, no matter what kind of wedding you’re having, is that the venue is meaningful and symbolic to you. Whether that symbolism comes in the form of something fun and unique, or something that’s special between you two, is totally up to you!


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