Best Places for African Americans to Live in the US

The African American population continues to soar annually forming a larger minority compared to other races living in the US. Today, it is estimated that the Afro-American minority forms 12.38% of the entire US population excluding other races with African heritage such as the Non-Hispanic Black and Black Hispanic. But not all places in the US are suitable for a sound African American. There are things to consider such racism, equal opportunity of employment, and education among other factors before any black race can ever succeed. This article will focus on the best places for African Americans to live within the bosom of US.

To consider a place a sanctuary for the African American race, it must be able to provide good education, affordable housing, tolerable cost of living, sustainable median household income, and above all security for the race. Most studies conducted including those initiated by the Black Enterprise magazine, considers the percentage of black home loan rejections and black homeownership rate as factors for their surveys.

Since the making of history, Washington, D.C. has been one of the few places that have provided shelter to the African American race. The state offers good education and equal opportunity to any race. Some cities in the neighboring states like Virginia and Maryland are also favored places for the race with their friendly environment. From a survey conducted by the Black Enterprise magazine in 2007, it showed that 7% of the respondents are in favor of staying in Washington, D.C. among other states inhabited by Afro-Americans.

Atlanta, GA remains in a stronghold for several years as one of the known communities willing for embrace Afro-Americans. It remains in the limelight with 28% of the respondents willing to venture in the place. In 2007, it is estimated that the minority forms 30.8% of the entire Atlanta population occupying major jobs in big companies.

Raleigh-Durham, NC is also one of the major places suitable for African Americans. The place is home to several establishments owned by the minority and most of them have prospered their businesses earning millions. Raleigh-Durham is joined by Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina with 34.9% Afro-American population and a median household income of $48,670. Afro-Americans form a quarter of the entire North Carolina population.

Dallas and Houston in Texas have also provided good status for the minority. In Dallas alone, it is estimated that the place has more than 27,000 black-owned businesses including those that are key players in Wall Street. Most respondents gave favor to Dallas for its low cost of living as compared to other big cities occupied by their race.

Other places that ranked in the survey include Jacksonville, FL, Baltimore, MD, Columbus, OH, Birmingham, AL, and Memphis, TN. These are big cities where the Afro-Americans are progressing with their day to day encounters.

Despite the efforts and legislations made to prevent racial discrimination, some forms of this practice are still done in most states. According to some African Americans, LA is not suitable for them and does not offer fair treatment. Finding housing and approval for loan applications can be a challenge for most minorities. Similar cases of racial discrimination are present on other states and cities leaving no equal opportunity to every citizen.


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