Best Places to Live in the US

America is one of the many countries with the most numbers of annual tourist visits. Citizens of different nations are yearning to set foot on the “Land of Dreams” to find some luck with their lives. Will we still see those dreams these days? The vast development in technology, education, politics, foreign policies, health, infrastructures, and recently the economic meltdown affected the way of living in the US.

Back in 2007, Middleton, Wisconsin was among the most regarded places in the US ideal for raising a family with a decent lifestyle. The study conducted by MONEY Magazine concluded that among the big cities here in the US, Middleton is in deed suitable for a family aiming for a better life far from the big hassle. With hundreds of job opportunities coming from health and technology related industries, citizens were able to acquire decent jobs and bring food on their tables.

Everything turned rough by the mid 2008 after the economic slash on Wall Street. Banks and businesses were closed, foreclosures arouse, and the increasing worries about the battle in Iraq contributed to the publics’ confusion in finding suitable places to live with in the boundaries of the US. From another study conducted by MONEY Magazine last year, Plymouth, MN took the number one position for the best places to live in the US followed by Fort Collins, CO.

Naperville, IL was ranked third in the survey. For the third time, the city once again made it as one of the most suitable places to live. Friendly neighborhood, sound environment, enough jobs for many, good schools, and a wonderful culture makes Naperville an ideal place. Naperville was joined by four other Illinois cities such as Bolingbrook that ranked 32nd, Wheaton that took the 54th spot, Aurora finished 74th, and lastly Orland Park that made it on the 92nd position.

In our list let us not forget the lovely environment of Irvine, California that ranked number 4 in the survey. The friendly neighborhood at Irvine is another reason why parents and children will find it interesting. Numbers of job opportunities provided by large companies such as Gateway and St. John’s Knits keep the citizens busy.

Franklin Township in New Jersey is also among the best places to live in America. Covering an area of 46 square miles, the municipality is currently home to almost 60,000 citizens. Enough jobs and solid education are two of the many factors that placed it on the list.

This year, as seen from Business Week’s issue, Huntsville, Alabama ranked up on top of other major cities as the most suitable places in the US to raise your children. With an estimated population of 162,819 and a median household income of $69,000 this peaceful city is truly one of the rarest cities you’ll ever find in America.

From the same study, Anchorage in Alaska, Gilbert in Arizona, Springdale in Arkansas, Arcadia in California, Fort Collins in Colorado, West Haven in Connecticut, Wilmington in Delaware, Pembroke Pines in Florida, Warner Robins in Georgia, Boise City in Idaho, Fort Wayne in Indiana, and West Des Moines in Iowa were among the best places ideal for a decent living.


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