Best Places to Vacation Alone

If you are on your own, and want to go on a holiday, you can go practically anywhere. Just don’t go to places that do catering for two. You won’t feel at ease there!

Although travelling on your own could be lonely, it doesn’t need to be. In lots of places, you’ll meet other people, just like you, who do the same thing and follow the same routes.

Europe is a great place to go to. Many different counties, old towns, lots of history and culture.

Recommended is also South East Asia, especially Cambodia. If you go hiking, you’ll meet many other backpackers who travelling to the same destination, and you can enjoy each other’s company until you reach the town, temple, and so on.

Another great idea for a solo vacation: a stay at a farm in Flanders! Flanders is the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, where most inhabitants know different languages and people will be glad to answer in English, French, German or even Spanish. You can find a place at hoevetoerisme.be.

The different regions all have their beauty, whether they are situated near the coast, or in the hills. In the neighborhood you’ll always find a historical town. Flanders has a rich history and much to testify for it. Visit Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels… but don’t forget that even the smallest village has its points of interest.

When you stay at a farm, you will be welcomed into a family. Very often, the farmer’s wife doesn’t only do breakfast, but also offers dinner. You’ll sit around a big table with other guests and the hosts and it will be easy to lay contacts.

Rent a bike (most roads in Flanders are pretty flat) and tour through the region. At the tourist’s bureau (each town has one) you can find maps of the region, and the bike and wandering routes will be marked on them. Most routes are around 30 to 40 kilometer, but you can do only one part of the tour easily. The tour will take you along all the places of interest.

Most of the guesthouses are on such a biking or wandering path.

Sample the hospitality and richness of history. Tired? Stop at one of the many pubs (they are called café’s locally), bistro’s or restaurants. Those who haven’t sampled Flemish cuisine before, will be amazed. For about 30 to 40 euro, you can have a three (or more) course meal, that will offer the specialties of the region. Did you know that fries were invented in Belgium, and are not, in fact, French? There are enough tasteful dishes to make your mouth water, like ‘Gentse Waterzooi’ (a kind of stew with chicken and lots of vegetables), rolls of ham filled with witlof and covered with a cheese sauce, Flemish stew (pieces of beef in a sauce with onions, mustard, beer), delicious dessert and cakes… To swallow all of this through, sample one of the hundreds types of beer that Flanders brews.


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