Best Power Tools


Authored by Aditi Sachdeva in Home Improvement
Published on 01-22-2009

Power tools are devices used for doing multiple works like cutting, grilling, mending, blending etc. with the help of external energy providers to run it. Power tools are another innovation on the part of mankind, which have definitely made daily life more comfortable, cheaper and time saving. The power tool invariably involves the power generator, whether it is an electric motor, a gasoline engine or a compressed air motor.

Although the power tools mostly find their application in industries, factories and in construction works, they have also been exclusively used for household activities. The concept of power tools as domestic appliances brings households into the realm of high powered appliances, whether mechanical or electrical. It may include anything from a high powered electric washer to a nail driver. The idea of having high powered tools is to increase the efficiency of works done and chores completed. It not only reduces the labor indulgence in daily activities but also adds another dimension of “self-service”.

So customers, mostly consisting of families not only have ample time saved, they can actually repair manageable articles inside their household. The most beneficial part, sociologist and market analyst has noticed that it also increases the training of the skills inside the atmosphere of the homes. So a power tool, handled safely, can actually be used to inculcate skill development in growing children.

Not only that, because of the presence of such power tools it is also being noticed that people actually volunteer to indulge in household chores of reconstruction and maintenance. So people can in between hectic lives, indulge in some form of exercise and also innovate. It leads, in several cases seen, development of hobbies like carpentry, gardening etc. due to the non-hassle and quick executable manual labor. Power tools as domestic appliance is actually a step forward, like reinventing the “steam-engine” for household appliances.

There are many power tools which can be used for household purposes. However a list of best power tools must include the following –

  • Power Crusher: It is used to crush larger objects or particles into smaller ones.
  • Power Heat Gun: It emits stream of hot air and can be used for drying paints, damp woods or for bending plastic or softening adhesives or thawing frozen pipes.
  • Power Nail Gun: It is mostly used for driving nails into woods, walls and other such materials.
  • Power Grinder: It is used to grind objects with the help of an abrasive wheel.
  • Power Trimmer: A Power trimmer can be multifunctional for its uses as gardening tool, electronics tool, construction tool as well as wood work tool.
  • Power Wall Chaser: It can be used to shape narrow grooves in the wall.
  • Power Drill: It is one of the most used tools which are used to make holes in walls, wood, metals etc. It can be corded or non- corded.
  • Power Jigsaw: A power jigsaw can be used to cut circular or curved patterns in objects.

Power tools as a house-hold appliance are an advancement of science furthering into the personal realm of people and that is an applauding aspect. They have effectively proved to be safe, economical and energy efficient at the same time.


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