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Best Price Ever on Pilot Precise V5 Box of 12


I had no intention of posting this weekend, but I was doing some shopping and saw this amazing deal.  The box of a dozen Pilot Precise V5s (via Amazon – make sure you apply the coupon too) is not only on sale for its lowest price ever at $9.30, but on top of that there is an additional 15% discount available, which brings the box of a dozen down to $7.90 or $0.65 per pen.  Obviously its not going to save you enough money to buy that new car, but still an awesome deal on an awesome pen so I thought I’d share.


Once you hit the landing page for the pens you will see the $9.30 price, but make sure you click that box for the additional 15% discount, and you will see the even lower price of $7.90 once you head over to your cart.

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