Best Reality TV Shows

Television has evolved a great deal over the years. Sex, fighting and cursing were all seen as topics too provocative for television. Oddly enough, subjects that were considered taboo twenty years ago are now the basis for reality TV shows. Reality shows have taken over television in recent years and these are just some of the most popular reality shows you love to hate.

The Real World: The Real World was developed by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Johnathan Murray in 1992. The show airs on MTV and has been in production for 22 seasons. The premise of the show is to place a group of strangers in a house and observe their natural behavior. Love, drugs, alcohol, depression and cutting are just some of the issues that The Real World housemates have tackled through the years. MTV tries its hardest to gather a diverse group of people each season. Many of the show’s former stars have gone on to do other gigs and shows. Each season of The Real World is filmed in a different city. New York, Seattle, Las Vegas and Hawaii. The first season of The Real World was filmed in New York. The producers decided to revisit New York for the show’s tenth season. The show has definitely had its share of drama. There were numerous housemates that have been kicked out due to erratic behavior. The Real World became an instant hit from its inception and continues to be one of MTV’s highest rated shows.

The Real Housewives : What do you get when you throw a bunch of women together who have larger than life personalities? You get a hit television show with lots of screaming. The Real Housewives was developed in 2006 and currently runs on Bravo. The show is supposed to be a realistic version of Desperate Housewives. Unlike most reality shows, The Real Housewives do not live in the same house. However, the women do spend a substantial amount of time at each other’s homes. The women also spend a lot of time arguing and fighting. Viewers love The Real Housewives series because of all of the drama the women have in their lives. There are currently four versions of The Real Housewives series. The four installments of The Real Housewives, Orange County, New York, Atlanta and New Jersey, don’t air simultaneously. Instead one installment airs during each of the seasons. Bravo recently announced that the 5th installment of The Real Housewives will take place in Washington D.C.

Big Brother: Big Brother’s concept is similar to The Real World. However, instead of just living in a house together, the housemates on Big Brother are playing for a grand prize. Big Brother was first introduced to the world in 1999 in the Netherlands. The show ultimately made it to the United States in 2000. The show recently wrapped its season 11th season, in the United States, this past summer on CBS. Each summer, 13 housemates gather in the Big Brother house. The housemates compete for food, prizes and survival. Each week one housemate is named the ‘Head of Household’ (HOH). The HOH must nominate two housemates for eviction. The two nominated housemates get a chance to save themselves by winning ‘The Power of Veto’. If a player uses ‘The Power of Veto’, to save a housemate from eviction, then the HOH must replace that nominee with a new player. Players continue to get nominated until there are only two players left in the game. The last six evicted housemates then decide who should win the $500,000 grand prize. Big Brother has become an international sensation. The series is currently being broadcast in over sixty countries.

Survivor: Survivor gave new meaning to the term ‘reality’. The show is probably one of the most genuine reality shows on television. Survivor is derived from the television show Expedition Robinson. The Survivor that viewers, in the U.S., have grown to love premiered in 2000. Survivorthrows a group of people on a deserted island to fend for themselves. The players all have to perform certain tasks in order to receive food and other necessities. Contestants are eliminated by a jury of their peers one-by-one. Some contestants are eliminated because of health reasons or bad behavior. Once there are only two contestants remaining in the game, the previously eliminated players return to the island. The eliminated players decided which remaining player they’d like to see win the game. Survivoris currently broadcasting its 19th season in Samoa.

Flavor of Love: After getting his heartbroken by Bridgette Nielsen, Flavor Flav was all alone. VH1 decided to give Flavor Flav a chance at finding love on his own show. Flavor of Love was developed in 2000 by Chris Abrego, Mark Cronin and Ben Samek. VH1 and 51 Minds cast twenty women willing to do anything to win Flavor Flav’s heart. Each episode consisted of the women competing for dates with Flav. Some women were focused on getting to know Flavor Flav. However, there were some women who just showed up for drama and for the cameras. There have been three installments of Flavor of Love. Each season ended with Flavor Flav picking his ‘new love’. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay with any of them. In an odd twist of fate, Flavor Flav proposed to the mother of his 7th child at the Flavor of Love 3 reunion. Rock of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money, Daisy of Love and Real Chance of Love has all been inspired by Flavor of Love. The Flavor of Love installments remains one of VH1’s highest rated series.

The Amazing Race: The Amazing Race is the only reality series to win an Emmy for its efforts. In 2003, the Primetime Emmy Awards added Outstanding Reality-Competition Program as a category. The Amazing Race has won every year since that category was devised. The Amazing Race premiered in 2001. The show was created by Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri. The premise of the show is simple to understand, but hard for those who participate. Players are grouped into teams of two or four. The teams are normally asked to wear matching clothing. Each team is equipped with the bare necessities before they start their journey. The teams are given clues and hints to follow throughout the game. Each clue leads to another destination in the game. The first team to reach the finish line, wins one-million dollars. Along their journey to win the grand prize, players are asked to fulfill certain tasks. A task can be anything from finding an item to taking a detour. The Amazing Race has been broadcasting on CBS for fourteen seasons.

Producers develop shows they know people will love. Reality shows are a drama-filled guilty pleasure. Most people won’t readily admit that they watch these shows. However, if people weren’t watching these reality shows, then they wouldn’t be so popular. Reality shows may not be completely realistic, but they are real enough to keep viewers intrigued.


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