Best Secondary Income Sources


Authored by Rodney Southern in Small Business 
Published on 02-24-2009

In today’s economy many people are seeking secondary income sources. There are hundreds of different options so just about anyone can find an opportunity that fits them and their situation well. Some of the best secondary income opportunities will require some type of monetary investment but many others will not.

Choosing your best secondary income source begins with assessing your skills. If you are a good typist you may want to seek out jobs as an article writer or transcriptionist. If you have a knack for cooking and baking you may want to offer your skills to a local restaurant or catering company. Some of these secondary income sources will also allow you to work from your home.

One of the best secondary income sources is writing. This profession is gaining popularity and millions of Americans are writing to make some extra money. There are many options if you choose writing as a secondary source of income. You could write ebooks, website content, magazine articles, blog and forum posts or even start your own blog. Those who decide to do website content can choose to write for “content mills” or they can choose to solicit website owners and work for them privately.

Those who choose to do ebooks can write their own ebook or write ebooks for private clients. Those who choose to write magazine articles can write articles for dozens of different magazines and other print publications such as newspapers. Blogging can take a bit more time to be profitable, but with a blog, the writer has absolute freedom and they can write on whatever topics they like.

Another great secondary income source is cooking and baking. This will be the best secondary income source for those with a passion for food. Many bakers and cooks can assist catering companies in preparing large orders and some catering companies will allow you to do this from home. Bakeries are another great place to check out for a secondary source of income. Like catering companies, they may allow you to do all the work from your home. You may also want to apply for cooking or baking jobs at local restaurants for a secondary income source.

Auto mechanics are also in high demand right now. This would be the best secondary income source for those who are great with cars. You can work on cars in your garage and make a pretty decent buck. Regular auto garages have gotten quite expensive so if you keep your prices low, you may even be able to turn this into a full time source of income. You will obviously have to prove your skills before most people will let you even touch your car, but word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

The best sources of secondary income means using the skills and talents you already have. You may need to get creative and it may take a little time for your secondary source of income to really take off, but nonetheless you will still be making some extra money. A simple internet search may be all you need to do to find your best secondary income opportunity.


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