Best Self Tanning Lotions


Authored by Jamila Taylor in Skin Care
Published on 10-17-2009

Have you been looking for the best self tanning lotions on the market? The process can be quite challenging because there are several brands that are available. Picking the right sunless tanner can be a bit frustrating due to the bad reviews that some self tanning lotions have received. To ensure you get the maximum results from your self tanner use these tips to review the best self tanning lotions on the market today.

Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Lotion

If you’re looking for an inexpensive sunless tanner then this is the product for you. It’s a great high-end lotion that creates a natural and fabulous look. Known for being extremely moisturizing and oil free, this product will have people wondering what your secret is to your beautiful tan. It automatically enhances your natural beauty and you also have the ability to use it year round.

Sunburst Body Beaded Bronzing Lotion Sunless Tanner

An instant tan is exactly what you will receive with this sunless tanner. If you need a bronze glow this is the product for you. Once you use this it’s nearly like going to the salon and getting airbrushed. You will immediately have the tan you are looking for without the orange color or mess. This sunless tanner gives you a natural look leaving your skin feeling soft and streak free.

Estee Lauder Sun Performance Sunless Tanner

Whether you’re young and carefree or older and confident choosing this sunless tanner will have you looking amazingly beautiful. It’s easy to apply and provides instant results. Your skin will be left bright and youthful giving you a gorgeous tan look. This sunless tanner is lightweight and leaves your skin with a fascinating glow.

Sun Sauce Moisturizer with Touch of Sunless Tanner

This sunless tanner smells awesome and provides a gradual tan. It’s a great product if you don’t need immediate results and want to take your time to obtain the tan that you seek. It is long lasting and perfect for super fair skin leaving you looking natural without the harsh chemicals.

Clinique Self Tanning Lotion

This is the best self tanning lotion that’s on the market. All that’s needed is for you to add this sunless tanner to your regular lotion and the results are immediately noticeable. It has your skin looking golden brown as if you just left the beach, providing an even tan over your entire body. Clinique’s self tanning lotion will have your skin feeling soft after a few uses and is one of the highest quality self tanning lotions available.

Clarins Self Tanning Face Lotion

Clarins sunless tanner dries quickly and provides a speedy tan. It’s lightweight and instantly dissolves into your skin. This product distributes evenly, doesn’t stain your clothes and is very affordable. By using this sunless tanner you can be sure your skin will look radiant and healthy.

These self tanning lotions are extremely reliable and effective. By using any of these sunless tanners you are sure to have a finished product that provides the tan you are looking for. You will be surprised how your skin easily replicates what you would normally purchase in a fancy tan booth.


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