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Best Staplers Ever PaperPro Stapler Review


PaperPro Staplers of Varying Capacities

Not too long ago I reviewed the PaperPro Nano Stapler, and was really impressed with how powerful it was.  It made me want to check out the rest of their line to see what else they had to offer, so we reached out to the manufacturer to see if we might be able to get our hands on some review samples.  Lucky for us, they were really nice and sent over a bunch of samples to look at. This review is quite timely too because recently I’ve even had a few people share with me what they thought was the best stapler.


PaperPro One Finger Stapling Power

Best Stapler Ever and One Finger Stapling – The PaperPro

The folks from PaperPro sent over a few varieties of their powerful staplers, including ones that can handle  12, 15, and 25 sheets of paper.  These staplers really go above and beyond anything that I had expected between their ease of use, and the minimal effort it takes to staple through stacks of paper even larger than their stated capacity.  The photo above is of the 25 page capacity PaperPro stapler.  To be honest, I had questioned the whole one finger stapling thing at first, but after having used it I was amazed at how easy it really was.  You could literally press down with one finger to staple 25 sheets of paper.  With performance like that this might really be the best stapler ever.

Each of the staplers showed the ability to go through larger stacks of paper than advertised, however I will assume that constantly doing so might be bad for the long-term health of your stapler.  Speaking of the long term, the construction on these seem very solid. They have heavy duty plastic, and even solid metal on some of them.  For example, the silver section in the photo above is solid metal, so  you can feel the quality and durability in these tools.


PaperPro Stapler Rubber Base

All of the staplers have a sturdy rubber base as you can see in the photo above.  The are also have a great ergonomic and stylish design, so that when you aren’t showing off stapling with one finger, you can hold them very comfortably in one hand and still staple to your heart’s content.  Below are links to some of the available models, but please keep in mind the last one for the 60 and 100 page staplers are items that I have not reviewed, however if the quality is the same as the smaller capacity ones, I am sure you will be pleased with them.  Just remember that the higher capacity staplers also need larger high-capacity staples to reach through the larger stacks of paper.

If you are interested in picking up one of the best staplers ever, here are a few links to some of the different PaperPro models on Amazon:

–12 Page Capacity PaperPro Nano Stapler (via Amazon)

–15 Page Capacity Paper Pro Stapler (via Amazon)

–20 Page Capacity PaperPro Stapler (via Amazon)

–25 Page Capacity PaperPro Stapler (via Amazon)

-60 or 100 Page Capacity PaperPro Stapler (requires high capacity staples) (via Amazon)
Here is a quick video to show you how powerful the stapler can be, although I’m sure the manufacturer wouldnt recommend this, but you can really see how powerful the stapler is here in this video, all it takes is one finger to go right through the flap from a cardboard box:

After spending some time using these PaperPro staplers, I honestly can’t imagine using anything else.  This is the best stapler I’ve ever laid hands on.  They are simple to use, incredibly powerful, stylish looking, take regular staples, and are relatively inexpensive.  I’m pretty sure I have found not only the best stapler, but the only I’ll ever use.  Thanks again to the nice folks over at PaperPro for sending these over.

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