Best Treatment for Hormonal Acne


Authored by Stephanie Modkins in Education 
Published on 09-03-2009

Hormones are chemical substances secreted by your body’s endocrine glands. They affect us in different ways – one being the production of acne. If you suffer from hormonal acne, pimples will most likely appear on your face, back and chest. Also, over-the-counter acne cures will not get rid of them. So, what is the best treatment for hormonal acne? It is one that includes a multi-pronged approach. You must receive internal and external help. Below are five steps to follow:

Step 1: Keep a diary.

On paper, record the days you breakout with acne. Use this information as a road map to when your hormones fluctuate the most in a 30-day period. Do you breakout just before your menstrual cycle or after a stressful event? The answers to these questions will help you find the best treatment for your hormonal acne.

Step 2: Change your diet.

Over the past twenty-years, scientists have documented how hormone-filled chicken adversely affects the human body as well as the continual ingestion of greasy, high-caloric food. Therefore, one of the best treatments of hormonal acne is a switch to a lean diet high in fruits and vegetables. It will help your body stabilize hormonally and, thus, reduce acne.

Step 3: Reduce outer irritants.

Although hormones are the cause of your acne, other things can extend their life and irritate them. So, one of the best treatments for hormonal acne is to reduce any outer irritants. Fabric softeners, bleach and other chemicals that you use to treat your clothes are often the culprit. So purchase detergents that are chemical-free or designed for sensitive skin. Your clothes may cling, but they won’t inflame the acne on your body. You also want to be careful of other things like lotions, perfume sprays and itchy fabrics such as wool.

Step 4: Wash with a gentle body cleanser

One of the best treatments for hormonal acne is to wash your body and face with a gentle cleanser. Toss out all of your lye-filled soap and purchase items designed for sensitive skin. Gentle facial and body products created by Phisoderm and Clinique have a lower risk of inflaming or irritating your pimples. By using one of them, you will reduce the level of redness and puffiness of your skin. Also, your skin will be less dry.

Step 5: Get an oral medication from a dermatologist.

Visit the dermatologist. Get him (or her) to prescribe you an oral medication that works with your hormones and treats your acne. This step is the final one that will best treat hormonal acne. You have to attack the source of your acne in order to control it. Otherwise, you will only be putting a band-aid on the problem. Don’t be afraid to allow the dermatologist to give you several tests. He will want to get the full picture of what is causing you to breakout, which could be more than just your hormones.

Follow these five steps and you will get a handle on your acne. Remember, hormonal acne won’t go away with just the use of an acne cream. You need to attack it in several different areas to get the best results. So don’t give up until you find the multi-pronged treatment that is best for you.


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