Best Types of Beers to Get at a Bar

The number of different types of beer continues to increase at bars, which can make choosing the right beer a complicated task. Due to the growth of micro-breweries, specialty beers are becoming more and more popular, and in fact, over 20,000 beer brands exist in the world. This is no surprise, because historical documents show that beer was the first alcohol ever made by man.

Sure, you can save money by purchasing beer at a liquor store and drinking it at home, but then you would miss the great atmosphere of drinking at a bar. Most bars offer at least four beer choices on tap, which is the best choice for cost savings. Bars also offer several varieties in bottles. The average price for beer on draft is $4.00, compared to the $5.00 average for a bottle of beer. However, if you are a beer connoisseur, it is worth paying the extra money to purchase a bottle of your favorite beverage type despite the extra cost.

Just as wine tasting is popular, many people like to beer taste. The best way to experience several types of beer is to go to a bar at a micro-brewery and order a sampler. Most micro-breweries offer about eight samples at $1 per small glass or beer shot, and this gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite beer by assessing the color, flavor, and appearance of each one.

Although beer is categorized into three main types: Ales, Lagers, and Lambics, the most popular beer in American bars is the Lager. The word, “lager”, comes from German, and means “storage”. Lagers tend to be lighter in color and are often lower in calories than Ales. For those bar goers who want to keep drinking while watching the game, lagers make an excellent choice. Some of the most popular choices from most full-bodied to less full-bodied are Sam Adams Boston Lager, Fat Tire, Corona, Budweiser, Michelob, and Coors Light. These beers go best with spicy types of food. Therefore, the old standbys of wings and nachos are a perfect match to any of these beers. Some other favorites are Killians, Heineken, Fosters, Moosehead, Becks, Heineken, and Yuengling Lager.

A close second in bar popularity is the Ale. Ales are brewed at higher temperatures and are higher in alcohol content. The fermenting process is also very different between Ales and Lagers, in that Ales are brewed with top fermenting; whereas, Lagers are bottom fermented. These beers are also more full-bodied in flavor than Lagers. Ales go with everything. The best choices of Ales in bars are Indian Pale Ale (IPA), Widmer Hefewiezen, and Redhook ESB. Some other popular choices are Sam Adams Boston Ale, Sierra Nevada, Killians, Pete’s Wicked Ale, and Rolling Rock.

Three other popular styles of beer are Pilsners (a Lager), Porters (an Ale), and Stouts (an Ale). Pilsners are more golden in color, but are not as popular of a choice in bars. Porters are a great choice with both Meats and Desserts, and two solid choices of this type are Sierra Nevada Porter, and any Oatmeal Porter. Stout is the heaviest of all of the beer styles. These beers are usually not paired with other foods because they are so full-bodied. The best Stout to order in a bar is Guiness.

Whichever beer is ultimately chosen, there’s no doubt that it will taste the best in a bar atmosphere. There’s just no beating the sights, sounds, and even the smells of a bar when it comes to social beer drinking.


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