Best Ultralight Laptops


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Computer Hardware
Published on 03-03-2009

Laptops are convenient, but they can get heavy lugging through the airport. For this reason, manufacturers are making laptops that are smaller, thinner, and lighter than ever before. With this decreased size however, you may find a few drawbacks such as smaller screens and shorter battery life. Also, these laptops often do not have crucial things such as optical drives, which take up space and increase the weight. But for those who value lightness and portability above all else, this can be a small price to pay for less back strain. The following are some of the best ultralight laptops on the market today.

Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010

One of the lightest and thinnest laptops, weighing 2.2 pounds, is the Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010. Reviews all state that this laptop has one of the best screens among ultralight laptops and feels like nothing to carry around. At a resolution of 1280 x 800, this widescreen is more than adequate for today?s computing needs. And thanks to its use of LED backlighting, the screen is plenty bright as well. Unfortunately, because of its small size, this computer does not contain an optical (CD/DVD) drive, as it is just too small. For this reason, you will need to invest in an external drive or a docking station for this function, which will inflate the price, not to mention the overall weight of your bag. Still, the Fujitsu Lifebook is one of the best ultralight laptops out there, simply because it works well at a fraction of the weight of a standard laptop.

Lenovo X60

Another great option is the Lenovo X60. At two and ? pounds, this laptop sports an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, making it one of the fastest ultralights available. While the extra computing power is a definite advantage, this means that it also uses up battery power the quickest. Because of this, you?ll most likely want to upgrade to a larger battery. In addition, the keyboard on the X60 most closely resembles a normal keyboard, so it is easier to type on the Lenovo X60 than on other Ultralight laptops. This is also a pretty solidly constructed laptop, so it?s popular with travelers for this reason.

Asus U2E

At 2.8 lbs, the U2E is another laptop that qualifies as an ultralight. Like the Lifebook, this offering also has a nice wide screen for an ultralight, and its resolution is actually more conforming to a true widescreen aspect ratio at 1366 x 768. The screen is bright as well, as it uses LED backlighting like the Lifebook. In addition, the hard drive is a solid state disc (SSD), so you can bang it around a little bit (not that you would) and not have to worry about the drive platters clashing together and ruining all your data. Its power saving technology is also a nice feature, with four different operation modes depending on the application. And one bonus with the U2E is the leather trim that surrounds the keyboard, adding richness to the overall experience. This is a really nice laptop for its size.


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