Best Walking Shoes for Women


Authored by Nickie Fleming in Clothing
Published on 05-15-2009

When we are talking about the best walking shoes for women, you’ll find that there is a distinct difference between the US and Europe.

Americans will mostly prefer running shoes, like Nike’s. These, however, are less acceptable in other countries because there they would only be used for what they are meant for – running. They don’t do well in places of worship, for instance, and many other sites where a faux pas in shoe wear is frowned upon.

Now, when you are traveling, you will most likely be walking a lot. Whether your intent is to window shop or to sightsee, you always need a pair of shoes that are comfortable, preferably a pair that looks fine and goes with most types of outfit.

Good footwear can make or break a holiday. A good walking shoe should feel as comfortable as a pair of worn-out pair of slippers, even after spending several hours and many miles on the feet.

Depending on the climate, you can go for sandals or shoes. But definitely go for quality. Man-made materials tend to overheat the feet, which can lead to blisters, and that is not a good thing on a holiday. Also make sure that you break in the new shoes that you buy before your trip. Another tip is to take two pairs along. You wear one, and pack the other. This will not only extend your wardrobe options, but will help to reduce foot discomfort and fatigue. And the extra pair may come in handy when your other pair gets soaked by rain or by having to go through a brook.

Some of the best walking shoes for women are the following:

  • Merrell Waterproof Polar Moc’s. These are versatile and comfortable. The shoes can be worn for mountain climbing but will go well to an evening dress as well. And most importantly, they are among the lower-priced shoes for walking!
  • Finn Comfort Quebec. A shoe with a cute look, but excellent for walking. They won’t do if you want to climb the Mount Everest, but they do their work in normal walking duties.
  • Birkenstock Boston Suede. This is a classic walking shoe and is well loved by expert walkers. It feels like a second skin, and you can wear them for days at an end. They don’t dress that well, but they win on comfort and durability.
  • Ecco Bouillon Mary Jane. Probably one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, and it also looks good. This is the ultimate city walking shoe. A must buy.
  • New Balance. A sort of tennis shoe with a sporty look. They come in a choice between funky silver and orange color scheme, and there is also lavender and white.
  • Aerosoles Printz Charming. These are more stylish, but comfortable. Also available in different colors (solid black, black with white, tan with chocolate).
  • Finn Comfort Phuket. A thong-style sandal which you can easily take along in your suitcase and is perfect for lazy summer days, sightseeing or walking along the shore.

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