Best Walking Sneakers

Any footwear should feel comfortable at all times and should not give your feet bunions, corns or calluses. As there are shoes in all price ranges for sale, watch out for ill-fitting or poorly designed shoes!

Especially when your feet are somewhat problematic, you should pay extra attention when purchasing walking sneakers.

A good walking sneaker needs to have enough inside space to allow you to wiggle your toes and they should have a firm heel counter. A removable inner sole in them is always a plus, because you can easily wash this inner sole to prevent smell. Inner soles can also be good if you have orthopedic problems. Another thing, a good walking sneaker must provide support for the ankle, even though you’ll be using them for walking and not for running. Walking puts a strain on the foot, along with your weight, so the perfect shoe should also have care for your heels and the balls of your feet.

If you like to walk, you can also try not to buy an actual walking sneaker, but a running shoe. It will give you comfort, breathability and is much lighter on the foot. These running shoes are mostly cushioned, which adds to the comfort. A running shoe should always be half a size larger than your normal shoe size.

The best ones for you are those that fit right away. Never buy a shoe that already aches you when trying it on in the shop!

The trying-on of shoes can best happen in the late afternoon or early evening. As you know, feet swell after a day of walking about or standing at your work, while in the morning there are rested and will appear smaller. In a good shoe, your feet will breathe, even when wearing socks. Is the shoe too tight or too loose, it can give you blisters.

It is also advisable to break in the walking sneaker, before wearing it for a long walk! You can best break it in at home, walking over the carpet.

It does not really matter in which material the shoe is made. According to your price range, you can pick a pair in leather or fabric. The main thins is, that the material is highly durable! The most important thing about them is the sole and here a sole that grips the floor when you are walking is really the best choice. It will give you a grip on slippery surfaces. A good shoe must be water proof and easy to clean. Nowadays you’ll find sneakers that are already machine-washable.

How the shoe looks is not really important. Of course, you’ll find all kind of styles in any price range. Expensive is not always better. Remember to only buy shoes that will give your feet a comfy feeling.

If you go shopping for shoes, do it when you can spend enough time. It is best to try on a couple of different shoes, so that you can make the right choice.


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