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Best Ways To Treat An Escort

  • By James Williams
  • Published 10/10/2012
  • Non-Fiction

Malaysian escorts are professionals who know their work. In case you are looking for some good source of entertainment and pleasure, these are the best services you can hire. To get the value for your money, you will first have to show respect and courtesy to those ladies in this business. On the other hand some of them are so cunning and can spot a person who hasn’t have an experience with them from far. To avoid irritating them or being taken advantage of read through this guide for assistance.First do your homework before settling on an escort. Your taste should not be driven by their images on the website but more detail. Go through forums or run a search on any search engine to find out what others are saying about a certain escort agency and their escorts in particular. This will assist you make a wise decision and thus avoid any dissapointment.Remember that you will be dealing with your fellow human beings. Girl escorts too demand respect and courtesy. Avoid being explicit or vulgar on first contact. Some of them may even reject you upon occurance of such an incidence. You have to act professionally for them to treat you well during your encounter.

Everybody cares about their security and personal interests. Most Malaysia escorts will ask many question about your personality and personal information. It is good to answer these questions correctly. This will help reduce the tension between both of you. You can anly enjoy being together when both of you are relaxed. Handle the payment process politely. Seek to pay according to the wishes of your client. Mos

t of them would like to be paid on first contact.This is always a private affair. When meeting your escort girl for the first time avoid doing in the company of many friends. Most of them are never comfortable in such conditions. Eventhough they would like to meet you in a public place because of issues of security, they will not like to be met with a big crowd of friends.Good behavour is the best recipe to make good friendship. When you show courtesy and respect to anyone they will open up to you. Remember that ladies like attention and gifts. Treat her as your girlfriend and you will enjoy it. Give them some gifts if you have. In case you want to drink or smoke ask if she is comfortable with that.Never jump into sexual practice immediately you meet. This shows rudnessas well as unprofessionalism on your part. Take time to know each other or just have some conversation first. Be gentle before having sex so that both of you enjoy the experience. You can ask for massage services first so as to make them comfortable.

Once your engagements a social escort are over and you have enjoyed it, let her know. Post this on forums to bring her more clients. If you are disappointed express this in a good way. You can go as far as presenting an escort agency with a gift for a good selection done.

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by James Williams



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