Best Wii Games for Kids

The Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest video game systems out today. This system has games for everyone, and many parents prefer the Wii to other video game systems because it is highly interactive. These games get children off of the couch, burning calories. And although you can find hundreds of games, I will list some of the best for kids.

The perfect game for younger kids is “Animal Crossing: City Folk.” In this game, children can experience city life by shopping in boutiques, looking at shows, and maneuvering around the city. They can also fish, make new friends, and decorate the house. Many adorable animal characters are on this game, which children love, and children can also use the WiiSpeak microphone for multiple players to communicate over Wi-Fi.

For young girls, “Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess,” is very popular. This is based on the Nick, Jr. series, and features voices from the actual cartoon. Players can play as Dora, Pirate Piggy, and Boots to try to save the Snow Princess and the Magic Snowy Forest from the evil clutches of a bad witch. By using the motion-senor controls on the Wii, children can paddle canoes, build snowmen, and participate in many other fun activities.

The “Wii Disney Sing it Bundle with Microphone” is a great game for kids. This game features 35 tracks from popular Disney Movies. It is a karaoke game where children can sing along to their favorite movie songs.

Another music game that is popular is “Wii Music.” You can create a virtual band and get up to four players involved, and the Wii remotes can be played as various instruments such as keyboards and guitars. This game analyzes the group’s musical abilities, and adjusts the tunes so that everything still sounds great.

Many parents prefer their children to be as active as possible, and for this reason, “Wii Sports” is one of the best games for kids. Kids can play tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing. They can play as a single player, or a group of kids can play as using the multi-player mode. This game enhances fine motor skills in children as young as six, and can be used by the entire family.

The game, “Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek” is great for older kids. Players assume the detective role in this game and try to solve mysterious happenings and accidents, as many strange events occur at the Icicle Creek Lodge. This is a great game for kids to practice deductive reasoning.

Activities that involve the whole family are great for kids in particular, and two games that do a good job at this are “Game Party 2″ and “Hasbro Family Game Night.” Both of these are great party games to get up to four players involved. “Game Party 2″ includes darts, a hoop shoot contest, horseshoes, and a bean bag toss to name a few. Some of the games for the “Hasbro Family Game Night” include Connect Four, Battleship, and Sorry.

All of the Wii games listed are great for kids, and new video games come out every month. Because each child’s interests differ, the many choices for the Wii system give parents many choices to match the best titles to the interests of their children.


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