Best Women’s Fragrances of 2008

Perfume is a wonderful way to add a fun, flirty, or sensual touch to your routine, and the best women’s fragrances of 2008 are beautiful options for any woman to try when she wants to feel her very best.

Defining the Best

The type of fragrance one person likes may not be suitable for another individual. The very best perfumes, however, are consistently popular and have attractive aromas that are not overwhelming or too powerful to be distinctly feminine. From floral scents to fruit-tinged fragrances, the best fragrances are a delight for any woman to wear.

8 Best Women’s Fragrances of 2008

The following eight fragrances are some of the most popular of 2008. Some are favorites that remain popular year after year, while others are new arrivals that have become instantly outstanding.

  1. Coach Legacy: Perfect to go with that elegant Coach handbag, this fragrance has a lush medium aroma of various flowers blended with vanilla. Wood undertones deepen the perfume and make it perfect for evening use.
  2. Sensuous: Designed by Estee Lauder, this elegant fragrance begins as a fun floral blend but transitions to a spicy, woody aroma as it dries, changing from a light afternoon fragrance to one that holds rich allure for the evening.
  3. Velvet Hour: Designed by Kate Moss, this celebrity-inspired fragrance is a sexy and unexpectedly spicy blend that includes sandalwood, black pepper, nutmeg, and patchouli. Used sparingly, this rich perfume is perfect for a daring evening.
  4. Floral Princess: This Vera Wang fragrance is a delicate and exotic blend of mimosa, apricot, tangerine, water lily, and other extracts with a distinctly Oriental flair for daily wear, particularly suitable for springtime.
  5. Beyond Paradise: This Estee Lauder fragrance has been around for several years but it remains highly popular with its unique, light blend of honeysuckle blossoms and tropical fruits.
  6. Lovely: Designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, this moderate scent was first introduced in 2005 and has continued to be popular, earning it the distinction of being one of the best women’s fragrances of 2008 with its blend of lavender, mandarin oranges, orchids, and cedar with a chic touch of apple martinis.
  7. Euphoria: This Calvin Klein fragrance blends pomegranate, lotus blossoms, black orchids, and other flowers with a touch of cream for a smooth, silky perfume for everyday wear.
  8. Miracle: It is no miracle that this Lancome fragrance introduced is a bestselling perfume. Its fresh floral jasmine and freesia blend with a hint of amber and other spices is a beautiful casual fragrance.

Choosing Your Fragrance

When choosing the best fragrances for you, remember:

  • Avoid very overwhelming scents, particularly for intimate situations.
  • Choose a light, fresh fragrance for daily wear and save heavier scents for evening use.
  • Floral scents are best in the spring and summer while spicier fragrances are perfect for fall and winter.

Most important of all, choose a fragrance that matches your personality. Whether or not it is one of the best women’s fragrances of 2008, if it matches your mood and preferences, it will be the best perfume for you.


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