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Bet On Horses: Types Are All Covered Here!!!

Horse betting is as old a game as anything. It can be traced to be over a century old now. The main idea of betting is to make a prediction over which horse would win the race and also enjoying the race on the race track.

 One starts a bet by making a type of bet and selecting the type of bet as well as selecting the type of horse that you would be betting on. There are a lot of different types of bets that a person can choose from and the most important categories are as following:

·         Straight bet:

                  This type of bet is the most simple and easy one. In this type, we have to bet on the horse and you only win if your horse wins the game and finishes the crossing line as being the first horse.

·         Place bet:

This type of bet is placed on your particular horse and you  you can win the bet either if your horse finishes first or second.

·         Wager:

           In this type of bet, you can bet and win if your horse comes first, second or even third.

·         Combination bet:

                           This is the type of bet where you bet on the combination and the order of the winning combination.

·         Pick 3:

In this type of bet, you get to choose the winners of the three consecutive races. This a very tricky bet and requires a lot of skill and a very sharp mind to make the accurate guess.

·         Pick 6:

          This type of the bet is a step more difficult than even the previous one and is a very tricky one but it is also the favorite of the people who are into the game for a very long period of time now because the people not only

·         Reverse forecast bet:

                               This type of bet is placed in such a way that it is placed on two horses saying that either of the two horses for either first or second positions.

·         Treble Forecast:

                         This is the type of bet that is placed on any of the three horses winning three consecutive top positions.

·         Superfecta Bet:

                     This type of bet is placed on the first four horses for winning the race.


There are a lot of other category of horse betting  like daily doubles, Jackpots, Accumulator, Future, Exotic bets and proposition bet. All these different categories make the bet as interesting as one can imagine.

Learn the horse betting and then join any online horse betting company. There are a lot of online horse betting sites that help you in horse betting and tell you how to bet online

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