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Beta Inkless Keychain Pen Metal Tipped Pen


Beta Pen Key Chain

While at the National Stationery Show this year, I ran into Jac Zagoory who designs some fantastic pens, pen holders and other accessories.  He gave me a sample of the Beta Inkless Pen and key Chain which he is also selling on his site, so a big thanks to Jac for the free sample.


The Beta Pen Key Chain Uncapped

At just 2.25 inches capped, the Beta Inkless Keychain Pen is a very compact, yet solid writing implement.  It relies on a lead tip to write with, which leaves a nice solid gray line.  Writing with it does present some minor challenges, however the convenience of the inkless pen definitely outweighs those inconveniences.  Being that the pen is so short, (the grip section is about 1.25 inches and the tip is just shy of .75 inches) it can be a little difficult to hold onto for longer writing sessions, but again, being able to slap this thing on your key chain make it a convenient option.

Beta Inkless Keychain Pen Writing Sample


The Beta Inkless Pen Key Chain Writing Sample

To see the writing sample clearly, you will probably need to click on the scan above since the line left behind by the Beta Inkless Keychain Pen is gray and slightly faint.  The tip of this pen writes fairly smoothly for the most part, although when you are in the process of an upstroke like with the second line in a capital “W” you can feel a slight bit of drag on the paper.  Overall I think this is a great little option as an emergency and “always on hand” pen because it will never dry out and it can write in any condition, so the minor inconveniences regarding its size and the sometimes non-smooth way it moves across the paper is a small price to pay for its convenience.  Thanks again to Jac for providing this free sample, and if you need a convenient “always there” option for a writing implement, the Beta Inkless Pen is certainly a great option…oh and keep in mind that since the tip is lead you shouldn’t lick it or drop it.

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