Bible Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas can range from scary demons to angelical figures. Bible-based characters offer up a great selection of possible costume ideas that can be used by both children and adults. Bible costume ideas can range from the simple to the complicated.

One of the simplest Bible costume ideas comes in the form of the character Moses. From what we read in the Bible, Moses was a man in a white robe, a tall walking stick, sandals, and a long white beard. These aren’t very many props so the preparation time on this Bible costume idea is minimal.

The robe can be easily made by draping a white sheet in a toga-like manner. If the sheet is long enough to cover the feet, you can wear any sandals. If not, then Payless shoe stores usually have some strappy leather sandals you can buy for around $10. If the idea of the sheet and tying it has you confused, most costume stores offer up plain white robes you may use as well. Moses’ long white beard can be found in any costume store and the walking stick too. One also has the option of going “natural” and more legitimate with the walking stick, so take a walk in the park and see if you find a long thick branch a couple of inches taller than you.

Other good and simple Bible costume ideas are the Virgin Mary and Joseph, especially if pulled off as a couple. This Bible costume idea will cost little, being as to how it requires not much more than fashioning a robe out of a sheet, and a pillow for the potential Virgin Mary’s stomach. Leather sandals are once again optional depending on the length of the robes, and for Mary’s hair covering, a piece of fabric tied around the chin or behind the neck will do.

A more intricate and time consuming Bible costume idea for a couple would be Adam and Eve. This Bible costume idea will be more difficult to put together simply because one has to fashion the illusion of only wearing fig leaves!

Another Bible costume idea that would be a bit time consuming to put together would be the Three Kings. For this costume, an individual may choose to only develop one of the three wise men, but it looks best if you find two more friends who want to complete the group.

For this Bible costume idea, one would need time to either find or make the three different colored robes and head dresses as well as the people who will dress as the characters. Halloween costume stores usually have some options. Extra Halloween spirit points if you make the costume truly legitimate by having each character carry their respective gift of frankincense, gold, or myrrh.

While one can choose a specific character for a Bible costume idea, it is also possible to choose simply to dress as a person from biblical times. With that Bible costume idea it’s not mandatory to be so specific when it comes to details and can ultimately be very legitimate.


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