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BIC 4 Color Ball Point Pen in “Fashion Colors”


The Bic 4 Color Multi Pen in Fashion Colors

About a year ago I reviewed the classic Bic 4 Color Multi Pen that got me through grade school, and many important tasks like tracking my rotisserie baseball stats before we had the life-changing innovations that brought us things like online fantasy baseball.  At the time, that pen was one of the coolest things any trapper-keeper sporting 5th grader could ask for, these days there are tons of better options, but that didnt stop the good folks at Bic from giving that old classic a make over in the form of the BIC 4 Color “Fashion Colors” series.


The Newly Styled Bic 4 Color “Fashion” Series

This new version of the old Bic classic comes with a white and green (instead of white with blue or orange) barrel, and replacing the blue, black, green, and red ink, is a more Easter-like color palette including pink, purple, lime green, and turquoise.  This pen would have easily got me beaten up in grade school had I proudly trotted it in to track those aforementioned baseball stats, however a more grown-up me can somewhat confidently pick up this pen without fear of being made fun of, although I cant remember the last time I actually wanted to write with a pink or purple pen.  Besides giving this pen new life through a color update, they also made one subtle change to that little ball on top of the pen.  I was always told that this ball was on the original version to help dial one of those old rotary phones, but it looks like they punched a hole through it to make it so you can carry it on a lanyard if thats your thing.


Writing Sample of the Bic 4 Color Multi Pen in Fashion Colors

Writing with the Bic 4 Color Fashion Series pen proved to be a little nicer than I had expected from a ball point pen.  Traditionally, I dont relish writing with a ball point pen, but this one happens to write fairly well with minimal clumping and very few white spots from skipping.  I did feel that the pink seemed to write a bit smoother than the other colors, and the green tended to be the one most likely to skip and leave white spots.

Overall this is a fun pen to have on hand if you grew up with them like I did, so even if you dont like the new colors, or have other favorite pens that you have moved on to, I can only hope that this review at least reminds you to be thankful that we have moved on to a world where fantasy baseball stats are not painstakingly kept with a 4 color ballpoint pen and some cheap graph paper, and that we no longer have to rely on a contraption on top of a pen to help turn the big clunky wheel on a rotary phone.

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