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BIC 4 Color Clicky Pen with Stylus


I’ve always had a nostalgic appreciation of the original BIC 4 Color Clicky pen as it was one of the first pens I had as a kid that I really appreciated.  Back in the day I had no idea why it had that little round ball on top of it, but apparently it was to use to help dial an old school rotary phone. Fast forward to today, and the Bic 4 Color Clicky pen has evolved and replaced the rotary phone dialer with a stylus tip.  Check out the Bic 4 Color Clicky Pen with Stylus (via Amazon)


So a quick history lesson, because I was curious, but did you know that the original Bic 4 Color Clicky Pen is almost 50 years old today?!  This is directly from the BIC website history page. Amazing to think it took almost 50 years for this pen to evolve in order to keep up with technology.


So here are the two pens head to head. The original BIC 4 Color Clicky pen in the forefront with its rotary phone dialer or lanyard loop and the newer Bic 4 Color Clicky pen with stylus in the background.  You can see that the newer version is mostly black instead of white, and its been bulked up a bit too.


So here is the newer BIC 4 Color Pen with stylus and you can see it weighs in at 0.502 ounces.  Like I said its a little more bulky and hefty than the original version.


Next is the old school original version of the BIC 4 Color Clicky pen which weighs in at only 0.417 ounces.


If you were wondering if the weight difference has anything to do with the innards of the BIC 4 Color Clicky pen, the answer is mostly no.  There might be some internals in the nock or plunger mechanism up top, but I didn’t want to rip that apart.  YOu can see that the refills are exactly the same and the housing and threading around the neck look pretty much identical.


Overall, the BIC 4 Color Clicky pen with stylus works swimmingly as compared to its predecessors.  The rubbery tactile grip as compared to the smooth plastic grips of previous versions is a nice upgrade. And the real difference, the stylus just flat out works. I haven’t put a ton of miles on it yet, but so far so good.  I just wanted to share this quickly though because I love seeing that this pen has evolved to keep up with technology, but still kept to its roots in the original version of the pen.  Again, you can check it out right here over on Amazon.

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