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Bic Cristal Stylus, a unique stylus for your tablet


Bic Cristal Stylus and Bic Cristal Side by Side

This is a review that is going to be short and sweet, but the product itself is very unique.  This is a Bic Cristal  Stylus for your tablet or phone.  Technically, it is a look a like because it isn’t actually manufactured by Bic.


Bic Cristal Stylus Capped on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ Tablet

How about a Bic Cristal Stylus to match one of the most popular pens in the world?

In the first two pictures you see how big the Bic Cristal stylus is compared to an actual Bic Cristal pen.  For additional help I’ve also photographed it on top of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ Android Tablet.  It measures about 4″ long and the cap can be posted or put on the end to cover the tip.

The body and the cap are both rubbery.  It is made of a material that is conductive so it can act as a stylus instead of your finger.  Some rubbery items like this have an annoying chemical odor to them but that is definitely not the case here.


Bic Cristal Stylus and Pen Capped Side by Side

The Bic Cristal stylus is easy to hold because of the stubby profile and gummy body.  It fits in your hand comfortabley and feels balanced while in use.  I found no flaws with the stylus when selecting items and flipping through pages on the screen.  There were no dead areas or feeling of not being connected to the tablet with this stylus.

As I said before its definitely easy to hold onto and navigate with.  The only thing I’d consider chaning would be to make the clip on the cap more functional.  It cant really clip onto anything, but that really isn’t a big deal.  If you are looking for a very unique and properly functioning stylus, the Bic Cristal Stylus is certainly a fun option that might have all of your friends doing a double take.

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