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Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Markers Review


Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Bodies

A few weeks back, the lovely folks over at Bic sent a bunch of products over for us to take a look at and review.  Included in that package were these Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Markers, that are part of the Bic Mark it line that we have already reviewed.


Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Package

Obviously these are a bit different from the Bic Mark it permanent markers that we reviewed before.  These are much meatier with chisel tips that are definitely not intended for the same types of writing tasks.  These permanent markers from Bic have nice chunky bodies that are great for holding onto while marking things like cardboard boxes or making big signs.  They come in the standard array of colors, Black, Blue, Red, and Green…or as the creative folks at Bic call them: Tuxedo Black, Deep Sea Blue, Rambunctious Red, and Forest Green.  I think these creative names give them a little bit more of an “artsy” feel.


Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Writing Sample Cardboard Box

Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Markers Summary.

I liked doing this review because as you can see, the writing sample above was done on a cardboard box instead of in a notebook, so its always fun to mix things up a bit like that.  Writing with the Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Markers was nice because they have a great shape to their body.  Not only are they big and meaty, but they also have a nice curve that tapers down into the grip section.  Meanwhile the part of the meaty body that rests between the webbing of your thumb and forefinger flares back out a bit  making for a very firm and stable resting place while you write.  The nice part about any chisel tip marker is that you can get a variety of thickness in the line as you write.  This provides for the opportunity for a more elegant look (for people that have better handwriting than a 4 year old, unlike myself) when writing out large things like signs or posters.  You can see my horrid attempts at showing the different line widths that you can achieve with these markers, particularly on the “G” in the word “Green” above.  There is a clear difference between the crescent that makes up the body of the “G” as compared to the tab or tail that comes in at the end.  Being able to achieve these drastic line widths in one smooth stroke is probably one of the more fun things about writing with these.

In addition to the fun writing experience, these Bic Chisel Tip Permanent Markers also have the same ink in them that was found in the previous versions that I tested, which means that they should hold up extremely well in direct sunlight as well as still be able to write with strong bold colors even after having the cap left off for over two weeks.  Personally I don’t think you can go wrong with the Bic Mark it Chisel Tip Permanent Markers for any big projects that require chunky permanent marker tips.

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