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Bic Triumph 730 R


The Bic Triumph 730R Roller pack of 2

The Bic Triumph 730R caught my eye as possibly being a cool pen from an office supplies company that I dont usually get too excited about.  When I saw it on the shelf I first noticed the nice streamlined look to not only the pens, but also the package, so I immediately grabbed it with some slightly higher expectations than I usually have for their stuff.


The Bic Triumph capped, I like the smooth wide clip and the blue cap accent

Once I got the Bic Triumph out of the package I was impressed with its design and what felt like pretty good construction on the pen, so I was pretty excited that I may have finally found a Bic pen that I really liked.  Upon closer inspection I noticed a few minor things that bugged me, mostly just that the cap and body clearly showed the seams from the mold that it was made in.  Obviously this doesnt impact the performance of the pen, but it bugs me when things like this are so visible on anything because it just makes it look cheap.  The rest of the pen however does have a pretty nice look to it…the simple grey with the window to see how much ink is left, the broad clip, and the sleek body all look pretty nice.


The Bic Triumph 730R with the cap posted

Moving beyond the mostly pleasing aesthetics of the pen, I figured I should go ahead and put this thing to use so I popped the cap off and posted it on the back to get to work.  Something I didnt really expect happened though, with the tapered shape of the body which gets smaller towards the back end, the cap didnt seem to want to fit snugly on when I posted it.  Its not as if the cap didnt fit at all back there, but it was a tight fit, and it didnt slide far enough down the top of the pen to make it feel like it was going to stay on there.  Now granted it never fell off while I was writing, but it just wasnt a tight snug feeling.


Writing sample for the Bic Triumph in a Whitelines notebook

When I put pen to paper with the Bic, I was pretty happy with the results.  The blue ink was a nice bold shade of blue and the pen laid down a solid line with no skipping, and VERY minimal feathering.  The ease at which the pen glides over the paper is impressive because sometimes with pens that are touted as being micro, extra fine, or needle, you can get a bit of a scratchy feel, but not with this pen.  I did not scan the back of the page, but I can say that there was very minimal bleedthrough with this pen and paper, at least not enough to really even care about.  The one slightly disappointing thing about how this pen writes is that the line does seem a little wider than Id expect, which is not surprising I guess because most pens that Ive used that are made for the US market just dont really come in a fine enough point to satisfy my writing style.

For the most part this Bic Triumph 730 R pen did not live up to my original high hopes, but was not a terrible disappointment overall.  I probably wouldnt make this an every day pen that I use, but it certainly wouldnt ruin my day if I lost or forgot my other pens and had to spend the day using it.  I guess I just expect more out of office supplies from a company with such name recognition.

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