Big Brother 11 Cast Review

Big Brother is back, and it looks like this season will be jam-packed with drama. The cliques have been determined, and a new thirteenth member has joined the athletes clique.

The Popular

Braden Bacha, twenty-eight, is a single actor, model, and surfer from Santa Monica, California. Described as “self absorbed,” Braden yelled racist slurs about Kevin and Lydia and called host Julie Chen a ho. He was the first to be evicted in week one.

Jordan Lloyd, twenty-two, is a single waitress from Matthews, North Carolina. Noted for being a small town girl, Jordan is already being portrayed as the less-than-intelligent blonde. One video clip features Jordan stopping mid-dance to fix her hair.

Laura Crosby, twenty-one, is a single bikini model from Atlanta, Georgia. She hopes to use her good looks to get through the game.

The Brains

Chima Simone, thirty-two, is a single freelance journalist from West Hollywood, California. This African-American woman is considered very family-oriented, and was nominated by Jessie for eviction on week one.

Michele Noonan, twenty-seven, is a married neuroscientist from Pasadena, California. She described herself as the first nerdy woman on Big Brother, and plans to use her brains to win the game. She started off by telling everyone she was a research assistant so people would be more likely to underestimate her intelligence.

Ronnie Talbott, thirty, is a married student from Belpre, Ohio. Currently attending Ohio University for education, Ronnie is an avid gamer and a big fan of Big Brother.

The Off-beats

Casey Turner, forty-one, is a married man from St .Petersburg, Florida. Casey teaches fifth grade and deejays in his spare time, and his kids are nineteen and nineteen months.

Kevin Campbell, twenty-nine, is a single graphics designer from Chula Vista, California. Described as flamboyantly gay, Kevin is Japanese/African-American, and was excommunicated from his Jehovah Witness’ family eight years ago.

Lydia Tavera, twenty-four, is a single makeup artist and self-declared bisexual from Torrance, California. Previously a celebrity couple’s nanny, this tattoo-laden blonde was the last to enter the house. Lydia was not thrilled to find that she had last choice for a room.

The Athletes

Jeff Schroeder, thirty, is a single guy from Norridge, Illinois. A previous football player in college, Jeff currently works in advertising sales. He was caught on camera yelling homophobic slurs at Jessie and Russell.

Natalie Martinez, twenty-four, is a single tae kwon do champion from Gilbert, Arizona. This Latina previously won a bronze in the Olympics for her tae kwon do skills, and has admitted that she will lie, cheat, and steal to win the game. She has told her housemates that she is eighteen, and enforced that idea by drinking sparkling cider on the first night.

Russell Kairouz, twenty-four, is a single real estate broker from Walnut Creek, California. Described as loud and brash, Russell is a Lebanese mixed martial arts fighter. He has admitted to disliking people that act before thinking things through.

Jessie Godderz, twenty-three, is a single body builder from WHERE. Previously seen on Big Brother 10, Jessie became the mystery thirteenth guest at Big Brother when the athletes clique won the first challenge.


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