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Binder clip reviews


If you remember, I mentioned these Happy Face Binder Clips (via Amazon) a few weeks ago in the announcement of one of our monthly giveaway winners.  They finally arrived yesterday in my mail so I just wanted to show them off here on the site today. … [Read more…]


In 2009 I did a review of a giant binder clip that I found during a trip to Boston.  Shortly after that review it became impossible to find them anywhere.  I’ve had readers of the blog emailing me regularly to ask where to get them.  Today the good news is that these giant binder clips available on Amazon again! … [Read more…]


So I was perusing the OfficeMax website a few weeks ago, and among the many cool home office supplies that I came across, I found these cool OfficeMax Color C-Clips (aka binder clips) that come in two sizes and multiple colors.  I couldn’t pass up the unique design and bright colors, so here is a quick look at them.  You should note that for now OfficeMax has a bunch of stuff including these C-Clips on sale until March 20th they are Buy 2 get One Free, and … [Read more…]


I’ve decided that because my readers are so great, and have left so many comments, that it is time for another giveaway of some of the great office supplies that I have reviewed in the last few weeks. Personally, I dont know what could be better than winning some free office supplies in a giveaway, so I hope you all enjoy it. I wanted to make this one even better than the last, so I thought Id make it a little more competitive. I’m going to have two … [Read more…]


One of the most often used and easily recognized office supplies has to be the standard binder clip.  They are right up there with duct tape in terms of the many uses (intended and unintended) that have been found for them.  I dont think there is an office anywhere in the world that doesnt have a box of these or a hand full of them in use somewhere.  For as long as I can remember, binder clips have pretty much been unchanged in how they were made, just two … [Read more…]

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