Bing vs. Google Which One Will You Bookmark?

Bing and Google are both two very efficient search engines that allow you to find what you are looking for on the Internet. While they both offer some of the similar familiarities built in with a search engine, they do have a few differences as well. When comparing the two engines side by side, and view the services that they have to offer, it can help you decide which search engine to use on a regular basis.

At the website bing-vs-google.com, you can actually type in a topic and see the search results of both Bing and Google side by side. For instance, try the topic, “flowers.” Both seem to offer somewhat similar results to very popular websites found on the web. The results include websites such as TelaFlora, FTD, and Proflowers. One difference that is offered at Bing, is for those who might want to look further into the topic of flowers-such as “arranging flowers, or “types of flowers.” If you are logged in at Google, then it will list places that may sell flowers near your location.

For those who might be searching for a specific image, each engine has different results. The images are still pictures of flowers, but they are from different areas of the web. If you need a variety of flower images, using both engines can get you the mixture that you need. When searching for videos on flowers on Bing, it offers you over two million results. The vast majority of them mostly offer instructional videos for using flowers. Google offers up only a little over eight thousand results. Some of them are instructional, while others are music videos, or clips from movies.

Upon the selection of maps, Bing directs you to areas in your nearest largest city district. For example, for someone living more in the central part of Illinois, it offers several areas that sell flowers in Chicago. Without typing in a location, or logging in with an account, Bing automatically senses your location (possibly with an IP address), and lists results that could be of interest near your location. Google listed several places across the United States that sells flowers, instead of automatically registering my location. While both offered possibly different retail stores and gardens to purchase flowers, they both did still offer maps and directions to reach your designated location.

For the types of extra services that the search engines offer, Bing still has yet to add a few more. Google has everything from checkout, a Google profile, a reader, book search, picasa web albums, webmaster tools, friend connect, and much more. Bing is still perhaps in development in that area. They do offer email at MSN Hotmail, advertising, blogs, and even a cashback account. If you already have a Windows Live ID, you can easily create your cashback account to begin using. Bing also offers a webmaster center to help market your website and tools to enhance it as well.

While both search engines have plenty to offer, it does not look as if either search engine will take the other’s place. There are similar results in some of the areas, yet both still have enough of a wide variety to use for different reasons. They definitely are not an exact replica, but do offer great services. They also offer the result that you are looking for when researching a specific search term, or need to use a particular service. With all of the comparisons mentioned above, it can help you decide which search engine you would like to bookmark – Google? ..or Bing ?


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