Bird Watching Spots in Uganda

A huge variety of wildlife can be found in Africa. The land is so diverse and full of rain forests, savannahs, deserts, and wetlands. These pave the way for an assorted collection of different plant and animal life in these various ecosystems. One of these we will focus on will be birds that inhabit Uganda.

Uganda is probably one of the smallest countries in East Africa; it covers a total land area of about 235,000 kilometers, and plays home to at least 1,008 bird species. This is roughly over half of the species found in the whole of Africa, making Uganda one of the most sought-out spots for bird watching.

You can have your choice of more than 700 forest reserves. Among these is the Albertine Rift; birds in this are similar to those found in Rwanda, Congo, and Burundi. Famous national parts in this area include the Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Murchison Falls, Kibale, and Semuliki. These parks are open during the entire year, so you will not have much trouble booking a flight. You may choose to rough it out by camping around the area or have a choice among the several hotels around. Try to research these places online before coming over, so you can plan out where you want to go and what you expect to see during your visit.

The most famous among all the parks found here is probably the Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is among the areas with the highest biodiversities of game reserves in the entire world. This is home to around 606 species of birds and about 100 species of mammals.

Murchison Fall National Park has recently recovered from poaching abuse done in the 1980s. The animal life here has started to replenish, among those that were in danger were several bird species, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, and, of course, elephants — which were highly-priced for their ivory tusks.

Bwindi National Park offers about twenty three bird species and about ninety species of animals including eleven primates.

Kibali National Park proves to be the easiest to go to in this area. This is home to a large variety of birds and primate species also.

Semuluki National Park, probably among the newest parks in Uganda, falls around the border along Congo. This area has been very rich and diverse since the Pleistocene era, so it gives life to many varieties of fauna and flora.


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