Birthday Gift Ideas for a Five Year Old Boy


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Gifts, Toys and Games
Published on 12-24-2008

One of the greatest birthdays a young boy will have in his lifetime is the day he turns five. He is fully aware that this big event with all the people around is just for him, and this is his opportunity to get lots of cool presents! But if he doesn’t like one of them, he probably won’t be shy about telling everyone around while he’s opening it. So to help avoid the embarrassment of the dreaded negative review of your present by the birthday boy, here are some good-bet gift ideas in several different price ranges.


Nerf Pro Shop Pro Grip Football

It’s never too early to get him started practicing for his NFL career. After all, how else are you going to score free tickets in your old age? This officially licensed football comes in a different variety for each team, and has a specialized grip to make it easy to throw and catch. It’s good for many hours of fun in the backyard and most likely won’t damage the side of the house when Dad goes overboard trying to imitate his hero Johnny Unitas.

$21 – $50

Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack

It’s a scientific fact that all young boys love toy cars. It’s either something that happened in the evolutionary process, or it’s something in their blood. Whatever the reason for this phenomenon, the birthday boy is sure to love this pack of 10 cars by Hot Wheels. Much less expensive than its Matchbox counterpart, this excellent value comes in several different varieties so you can pick and choose what kinds of vehicles little Johnny will have fun crashing repeatedly into the wall.

$51 – $100

LEGO 50th Anniversary Building Set

I don’t know any five year old boy who wouldn’t want a big set of LEGOs for his birthday. This set contains 700 pieces, and it even includes a limited edition gold-colored brick to commemorate the 50th anniversary. It’s sure to keep him occupied for hours on end building everything from cars, to helicopters, to houses. Who knows, maybe you’ll spark his interest in a career in construction one day. And he’s finally at an age where he won’t put the pieces in his mouth and try to eat them.

$100 – $300

Nintendo Wii Game Console

So you were invited to one of those well-to-do parties at the country club, and you want to outdo all the other parents there? Well, what kid wouldn’t want a Wii? There are many exciting games available for children that age, and it will be sure to start him on the road to fitness since many of the games require his being up off the couch and moving around. That is one reason many parents prefer this game console over others such as the Xbox or PlayStation. Of course, his parents will be stuck with having to buy a bunch of very expensive controllers and additional games for the little tyke, but this is one gift that is sure to be the hit of the party nonetheless.


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