Birthday Ideas for Your Husband


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Trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your husband is one of the most exciting parts of a young marriage. In the beginning of a relationship, it seems quite simple to come up with something new and unique. As time passes, and the years go on, your husband will seemingly acquire everything that he needs. This is when you have to look to unique ideas for your husband’s birthday gifts. Fortunately, there are some tried and true birthday gifts for your husband that will always be a home run. Here are five of the best:

Season Tickets – There are very few husbands who would not appreciate season tickets to their favorite sporting events. Most any husband has a favorite local team that he would love to be able to attend regularly. If there are no professional sports teams in your area, maybe you could buy them tickets to the local college’s sporting events. Regardless of the team, this gift will continue to give your husband enjoyment throughout the year.

A Special Trip – Every husband has that special hobby or location that he falls back on when he wishes to relax. Whether it’s fishing, boating, gambling, or even rock climbing, a special trip featuring his favorite hobby would make a wonderful birthday gift. Vacation time away from the stress and aggravation of everyday life is always a fantastic birthday option.

A New Power Tool – While this particular birthday gift may seem cliché, that is far from the case. Every red-blooded male has the need to build things large and small. If your husband has any missing power tools, then this is sure to be a hit. Virtually every husband has at least one new power tool that they would love to have. Find out which one is missing, and you have the perfect birthday gift for your husband.

Something High Tech – While certainly the need to build things is high on the list for husbands, the need for really cool gadgets sits even higher. Anything that automates your husband’s life would make a fantastic birthday gift. This is especially true if it is extremely cool to look at. For bonus points on your husband’s next birthday gift, combine a new power tool with something high tech. This will give your husband something to show off to all of his buddies.

Breakout the Romance – If you really want to hit a home run for your husband’s birthday gift this year, plan a new and exciting romantic rendezvous. Create a new and exciting fantasy for that special day, and be sure to leave the kids at home. Few things in a man’s life ranks higher than an exciting romantic encounter. Take some time to really blow his mind with something completely out of character. This is sure to be high on the list of his favorite birthday gifts.

Trying to figure out your husband’s birthday gift is really just a matter of paying attention to your man. Knowing his hobbies, and man’s natural instincts will lead you to the perfect gift. Any of these five outstanding birthday gifts are sure to be a huge hit.


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