Birthday Party Ideas for Boys


Authored by Sama Fazal in Gifts 
Published on 01-18-2009

Help! I need to throw a party for my little boy.

The secret behind every successful party idea for boys is … absence of china. I have inside information to base this statement on. My best friend’s son turned 9 last week! Till her son, Danny, arrived she had envisioned a world of dainty china play sets for blue eyed dolls! She realized soon enough that boys play and party a little different from girls. Her best cutlery pieces now lie on the top shelf, out of reach of frisky hands and runaway soccer balls.

When you plan a party for your little boy, if he is a preschooler, keep the numbers less unless you have good help to supervise. And keep the party short. Otherwise they become restless and get on each others nerves as well as yours.

Here are some good birthday party ideas for boys that have been tried out successfully:

Outdoor themes: A lot depends on the season and the weather but boys love the outdoors and if the weather is good it spells a world of convenience for you.

  1. A great outdoor party venue could be a simple tent pitched in the backyard. The kids can make an adventure to remember out of it.
  2. Since “treasure hunt” was the operative word with the boys when Danny turned 5, my friend put together a dinosaur themed treasure hunt. They went digging around for little dinos buried under mounds in the yard as well as in the pool and around the house. The same toys were put in their goody bags to take home later.
  3. I once heard about a novel treasure hunt birthday party where the teams had to find items for each letter of the alphabet! They had no trouble remembering their alphabet thereafter.
  4. You could try turning your backyard into an obstacle course. Throw in a few chairs to climb over, tables to crawl under, a blow up pool to wade through or a rope ladder to scale. There is a lot you can innovate here.
  5. An equally exciting idea would be to throw a “chefs party” supervised by a grown up. The kids can try to make their own sandwiches, toss a fruit salad, roast a few marshmallows and make lots of lemonade.

Indoor themes: Just remember, if there is a breakable item it will break! So clear up the room and give them space.

  1. A super hero theme is a hit with all youngsters. This is one of the few themes that boys actually like to dress up for. You could put together a party where the kids could come as any super hero or even make up their own one with their ever so abundant creativity and imagination.
  2. I remember for Danny’s 6th birthday he had a party with a pirate theme. They got simple eye patches to wear. Many turned up in bandanas and scarves! They shouted themselves hoarse with all the “ahoy me hearties” and it was a lot of fun.
  3. You could also put together a “when I grow up” party where the kids could turn up in what they would like to become later in life. You will be surprised with what the little tykes can come up with.

All in all, a boy’s birthday party is a lot of fun if you organize something which they enjoy and you find convenient.


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