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Bisexual Men And Women Treated At Par

  • By Tonny Will
  • Published 10/26/2012
  • Sample Category

There is not any respect all now for the gays and lesbians in the society in spite of the so much advancement in the field of science, technology, civilization, culture and so on gay sex is still something which is treated to be quite offensive by majority of the people in different parts of the world. The reasons are quite simple though. When such a culture is encouraged by one and all of us, the existence of human beings in the material world would diminish over a period of time as there is will be pure chaos and confusion in the sexual traits of the individuals. Opposite sexes are meant to unite, mate and reproduce as it is quite a natural process to build a healthy society. Man is a social animal as a matter of fact. He cannot live in aloof. There is a lot of interdepency in the human kind.

In order to keep things growing in an ascending fashion, some of the fundamentals are strictly to be followed blindly without even trying to dig deep into it. The system devised by our ancestors is quite perfect. There is no need to redo it. Still some could not resist their temptation to enjoy such a sort of homosexual activities. They do have their own reasons as well. They do not prefer to unite w

ith others but the ones that they fall for intimately. It gives satisfaction to their mind body and soul. Even though it is more or less an emotional decision that could be fine-tuned easily with a little bit of knowledge as well as mental counseling, many of them do not want to come out of it as a matter of fact. Why should I curtail something that makes me feel good?

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by Tonny Will



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