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Black Dry Erase Board and Neon Dry Erase Markers by Expo


Expo Black Dry Erase Board and Neon Dry Erase Markers

This Expo Black Dry Erase Board (via Amazon) was a total impulse purchase because quite honestly, I didn’t even need it, but it just looked really cool so I had to buy it and try it out, along with the required Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers (via Amazon) that are required for writing on it.


Expo Black Dry Erase Board and Neon Dry Erase Markers Writing Sample

So with a black dry erase board, you obviously cant just use any dry erase markers…I tried and they don’t show up at all.  The neon dry erase markers that you see above from Expo are pretty much the same size and style as many of their standard dry erase markers, although I did find that the caps on them were a bit tighter for some reason, so they took some getting used to.  One positive though is that unlike some standard dry erase markers, these neon dry erase markers are almost completely void of any odor when writing with them.  You will probably notice in the photos that yellow is probably the weakest of the colors, while the pink, blue and green are probably the most vibrant.  Erasing the board was not a problem at all, it erased just as easily as any other standard white board I’ve ever used and there was only a very minor bit of speckled coloring left behind that was removed with a bit of extra elbow grease.

This black dry erase board measures 18″ x 24″ and comes with the necessary mounting hardware to hang this wherever you see fit.  I was particularly impressed with the overall build construction of this as well, nicely contrasting aluminum frame feels like it is very solidly attached around the edges, and there are no loose parts or seams that show any noticeable gaps.  One very minor issue though is that I wish it came with some sort of ledge or other means for holding the markers and an eraser, but since that is not a standard feature on all similar products, I can definitely overlook it in this case.


One last aspect of this black dry erase board and the neon dry erase markers that is really cool is the reaction you get when placed under a black light.  As you can see the neon colors react by glowing a bit, although you do see some noticeable difference between the intensity of the colors, with the yellow being a bit more muted again.  I’m sure that most offices and class rooms are not equipped with black lights, which is probably a good thing, however I had to try it out and get a picture knowing that it would probably look pretty cool.  If you are looking for a dry erase board to draw attention to a particular area or a specific set of reminders or instructions that you have posted somewhere, this medium sized black dry erase board and the Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers (via Amazon) is definitely a really cool option that you might want to explore.

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