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Black Friday Deals and the November Office Supply Geek Giveaway Winners!

So this year I decided to double up the twice monthly giveaway and do two prizes for Black Friday this week, and will still do the JetPens gift card giveaway at the end of the month.  So first I’ll share a few of the good deals I’ve found online for Black Friday and after that below I’ll share our two giveaway winners, who will each win a 3 pack of the new Field Notes Resolution Winter 2017 Quarterly Editions.


First up for the Black Friday Office Supplies sale, you can find this 12 pack of assorted color Sharpie Pens only $9.58, instead of the regular price of $20.  Sharpie Pens are one of my favorite every day use pens out there, so these are definitely a steal at this price. (buy via Amazon for 52% saving)


rOtring makes some pretty solid and reliable mechanical pencils, so this rOtring 800+ mechanical pencil with 0.5mm lead and stylus for only $38 is a great price.  Its normal list price was $59. (buy via Amazon for 35% savings)


I reviewed this Woodchuck Cedar Journal here a while ago, but was highly impressed with the look and feel of these amazing notebooks. Right now they are only $21 which is a $9 savings so grab one of these very stylish and unique notebooks now. (buy via Amazon for about 30% off)


The PaperMate Flair porous tip markers are a classic, but this limited edition set of 16 Tropical Colors is a nice upgrade to provide some color variety for you.  For only $9.70, that is about a $7 savings on this special Black Friday deal. (Buy via Amazon for $40% savings)


If you are in the market for highlighters, this 24 pack of Sharpie Smear Guard Highlighters is a great deal.  These would normally set you back about $16 but can be had today for only $7.58 which is the lowest price ever. (Buy via Amazon for 52% savings)

Congratulations to Michelle Schackel and Andrew Richman who are this month’s giveaway winners.  If you are Michelle or Andrew, please reply to the email everyone got this morning, or use the About/Contact link below to get in touch so we can coordinate the shipment of your new Field Notes Journals.  If you have yet to sign up for these giveaways, you can do so right here.

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