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Black n Red Casebound Notebooks


I recently shared some awesome and still available deals (via Amazon) for almost 50% off on the large Black n Red Casebound notebooks, so I wanted to share a quick review of them now that I’ve received the two that I ordered.  Some of the pictures you see here also show the two smaller versions that I grabbed when Amazon had them for only $2.99, but that deal has passed on the small ones and they are back to full price, so make sure you grab some of these larger ones before its too late.  To be honest, part of the reason I did this post was also to show that I’m not just throwing out deals and sales for the heck of it, they are items at prices that are hard to pass up on even for me. 🙂

So real quick, I guess its obvious here which is the small version of the Black n Red casebound notebook and which is the large version, but I thought it would be good to share the picture of the spines so you can see the model numbers.  I have to be honest, this is just about the only thing about Black n’ Red casebound notebooks that I don’t like.  I mean, the model numbers are already in smaller printing on the back cover of the notebooks, so it would be nice to leave the spine with a little more blank space and not so cluttered.  To be honest I think it detracts from seeing the brand name a little bit too.

A quick look inside the Black n Red Casebound Notebook

On the very first inside cover of the Black n Red Casebound Notebook you have a date planner and a section for notes, personal information, and a table of contents:


On the next inside page before you get to the actual ruled pages of the Black n Red Casebound notebook is a page choc’ full of useful information, as the title says.  You have a world time zone map, US and European paper and envelope sizes and some useful conversion tables for some common measurements.


Flip over to the back of the notebook and you will see a map of North America with time zones included.  This map is excluded from the smaller casebound version of the notebook

After this, the back inside cover of the Black n Red Casebound notebook has subway maps for New York, Washington DC, and Chicago, as well as a highway map for Los Angeles.


A quick writing sample in the Black n Red Casebound Notebook

So on the inside of the A4 size Black n Red Casebound notebook there is plenty of space for writing.  There are 32 ruled lines at 8mm each and 192 pages of 24lb premium white Optik Paper.  This paper has always handled my fountain pen ink very nicely.  I’ve always had a great fountain pen writing experience with no bleeding, feathering, or show through however they do tend to be a little bit slower on the dry time scale.  The dry time will obviously be impacted by the type of ink and size of nib as well, but in terms of performance thats my one downside with these, although its minor unless you are a lefty fountain pen user.

At the normal price of about $14+ these are a nice option for daily writing, but at the current Amazon price of only about $7+ you really cant find a better value in my opinion.  If you are looking for an inexpensive notebook that still performs like some of the higher end and more expensive notebooks out there, do yourself a favor and grab one (or a bunch) now while you can still get them at this price.

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