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Black n Red Mini Notebook


Black n Red Mini Notebook Next to a TWSBI Fountain Pen

I’m a huge fan of the Black n’ Red notebook line for their great quality, stylish looks, durability, and awesome fountain pen friendly paper, but I recently found one I hadn’t used yet.  This mini Black n’ Red notebook (via Amazon) measures only 4.125″ x 5.875″ which is slightly bigger than what I’d consider “pocket size” but its still pretty darn small.  It took a few weeks of actually having it and using it before I figured out the perfect use for it, but I’ll get to that a little later on in the review.


Black n Red Mini Notebook Writing Sample

Just like any other Black n’ Red notebook, this mini version still knocks it out of the park when it comes to the build quality and paper quality.  Even with the strong steady ink flow from my TWSBI stub nib the Black n’ Red notebook paper holds it well, it doesn’t feather and it doesn’t show through on the other side of the page.  The basics such as the double coil, 24lb paper, perforated pages, sturdy poly cover and strong elastic closure strap are the same as what you will find on larger versions of the Black n’ Red brand offerings.


Black n Red Mini Notebook Comparison

I think the ideal use for this size notebook (at least for me) is as a toss in for my laptop backpack or computer bag.  I tend to keep some full size or smaller size notebooks in the main compartments of my bags because I don’t generally need quick access to them.  This notebook with its smaller (but not too small) size is perfect for slipping into one of the external pockets of my bag. so I can grab it for quick notes instead of having to get into one of the main compartments of the bag.  I’ve tried keeping pocket notebooks in smaller external pockets but they tend to get lost in there sometimes so this slightly larger size makes it easier to locate.  Check out the mini Black n’ Red notebook (via Amazon) if you are looking for an in-between size notebook on the smaller side, but isn’t so small that it might get lost in the shuffle.

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