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Black n' Red SOFT COVER


Usually when I find something cool I just buy it, take some time to test it out, then write up a review.  In this case though this was too good of a find not to IMMEDIATELY SHARE with you.  I love my Black n’ Red notebeooks, but had no clue that there was a soft cover version now too!  This one is the A5 version, which measures 8-1/4″ x 5-3/4″.At the time of writing this, it also just happens to be much cheaper than its price history indicates it usually is.  There are some notable differences between the Black n’ Red Soft Cover Notebook and the normal Black n’ Red notebooks, which I’ll get into in a moment.  The Amazon price history shows that these are usually about $19 to $23, but are now at their lowest price ever of just above $14 (buy via Amazon) which is a big price drop.


UPDATE:  As was correctly pointed out to me, the red version is not the same soft cover, my mistake for misreading the Amazon listing.  These are two totally different notebooks, with the red one being a hard cover, not sure why they are listed on the Amazon page in a way that makes them look like the same notebook in different colors.  Sorry for any confusion.

The first thing I’m able to notice about these from the pictures on Amazon is that they have rounded corners.  I love rounded corners on notebooks instead of square corners since they tend not to get banged up or snagged as easily.  Its also nice to see that these have page numbers, which makes organizing a bit easier.  There is one HUGE difference with these that I haven’t seen before.

Black n’ Red Soft Cover Notebook big change:


The big shocker to me was that the Black n’ Red Soft Cover actually come in red. I’ve never seen a Black n’ Red notebook that wasn’t black before.  I’ve got two of these on the way, so I hope to have a review up shortly.  I’m sharing now because they are a really cool expansion to a line I think is a great value and quality.  The real push though was that the price was too good to not share ASAP.  Check ’em out on Amazon here and grab one now, or if you are more patient than me, wait for the review in the next week or so to see if they will live up to their normal standard of quality, which I’m sure they will.

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