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Black Postit Notes to Get some Attention in the Office


Black Post It Notes in wrapper

I’m sure you have all seem some of the ridiculously artistic and amazing murals that people have made with Post-it notes, but I never really gave much thought to the Black Post-it Notes (via Amazon) and what they might be able to be used for.  It had me thinking though, these might make a great and unique calling card to get the attention of people at work since the standard yellow, blue, green, and pink ones can pretty much go unnoticed at times.  The only snag is what to use to write on them, so here are the best options for writing on your Black Post-it notes if you decide to use them.


Black Post it Notes Stack

It was kind of strange unwrapping the pack of Black Post-it notes, something about it just looked really odd, I think that is because most of us, or at least I just have that mental image of the classic canary yellow ones, and these couldn’t look more opposite…and frankly kind of strange sitting there like a lump of coal.


Black Post it Notes and Pens

The obvious first step here was to round up a bunch of metallic pens and markers because standard color gel ink pens, ball point pens, and markers just aren’t going to show up at all on these.  I pretty much grabbed all of the gold and silver markers and pens I had to get a representative sampling to test on these.


Black Post it Notes and Writing Samples

As you can see, the Metallic Sharpies (via Amazon) are probably the best bet for getting a nice contrast to grab someones attention, and the Silver Uniball Impact in the 1.0mm tip is probably your second best bet.  The smaller .5mm Pilot Juice in Silver and Gold did an OK job, but I think its more about the smaller tip size and not getting enough ink on the paper to really stand out.


Black Post it notes and pen choices

Here is a more side by side photo of the metallic Sharpies as compared to the Gel Ink Pens on the Black Post-it notes.  I think overall my favorite was the bronze sharpie because it seems like it has a much sharper contrast that will be better at grabbing someone’s attention.  A whole note written in bronze Sharpie on these Black Post-it notes would probably be my go to attention getter in the office.


Black Post It Notes and Pilot Vanishing Point

There is however one other option if you are a fountain pen user, its kind of the nuclear option and I thought the best pen to show it off with would be my black Pilot vanishing point.


Black Post it notes Noodlers Blue Ghost

What to use with the black Pilot Vanishing Point and the Black Post-it notes?  Well what else but Noodler’s Blue Ghost of course.  Its ability to glow under black light is pretty awesome so I wanted to try it out on this paper just to see what it would do.


Black Post it Notes Noodlers Blue Ghost Glowing

Sure enough the Noodler’s Blue Ghost on the Black Post-it note paper looks amazing.  But the only drawback (or maybe a positive if you are a secret agent) is that it does not show up under regular conditions,  you need to hit it with the black light to read it.  It is visible for a few seconds on the paper as its still wet, but once it dries, it is almost completely invisible on the black Post-it note paper.  These Black Post-it Notes (via Amazon) are most certainly a unique option for leaving notes around the office, so if you want to add a little variety and fun into your work day, check them out along with the metallic Sharpies (also via Amazon) for some great looking notes to leave behind.

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