Blackberry Storm Faces the Apple iPhone Headon

When Smartphones battle it out for supremacy on the world market, only the toughest survive the first few months or first few years- but not the Blackberry Storm. This newcomer from Verizon is actually causing a lot of trouble for the iPhone dominated Smartphone market. What makes this little Blackberry tick?

The Apple iPhone has been experiencing calm waters since its debut, and now has legions of loyal users around the globe. However, the Blackberry Storm gives even the most loyal Apple users a pause- could it be that something so new could rival something from a company like Apple?

As Tested

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new Blackberry Storm is that you will never be lacking in features- Research in Motion made sure that well-loved features of the Apple iPhone would be present in the Blackberry Storm as well. Businesses can readily apply the Blackberry Storm for their personal as well as business requirements.

Those who simply can’t wait to get their hands on one would be glad to know that Verizon’s very own 3G network would be the one handling all the network activity once you have subscribed for a data plan. $200 up front and a two year contract is all it takes to make the Blackberry Storm completely yours.

Innovative Touchscreen

Unlike the Apple iPhone, the Blackberry Storm runs on a slightly different technology when it comes to the touchscreen. The SurePress technology was integrated to make the act of typing more familiar to computer users. The ClickThrough technology on the other hand, makes the act selecting objects on-screen a more tactile experience.

Businessmen would not need to worry about their documents, because the Blackberry Storm handles very well when using the three most used applications for business:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

For some, the more tactile experience of actually pressing down on the keys on the Blackberry Storm can be a boon- but a note of warning though, it would present itself as a completely different experience to people who have already adapted well to the features of the Apple iPhone.

But aside from this discrepancy, you wouldn’t really have to worry about how to use the Blackberry Storm because everything has been modeled after preceding Smartphones. Familiarity will come in time, and eventually, even slow scrolling speeds would be something that you could definitely live with.

Boon to Typing

For those who are always victims of being “fat fingered”, the Blackberry Storm definitely shakes up the building with adequate spacing on the keyboard, something that you would not completely expect of something with a screen that is only 3 inches wide.

There are two orientations when you wish to type something. The first orientations is vertical, and the keys on-screen actually share panels with each other, and of course, the horizontal position, which allows you to use a more natural looking keyboard layout. The first orientation is often a killer for those who are not used to keys that require multiple taps to work properly.

Interestingly, the Blackberry Storm also has GPS- something that other mobile phone manufacturers only dream about.


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